1986 Nissan Pintara GXE 2.0L Unleaded from Australia and New Zealand


Very reliable car with good performance and comfort


Alternator stopped at around 200,000 k's.

Brake pads replaced at 210,000 k's.

Minor/Major services every now and then to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Nothing major has gone wrong in the cars history.

General Comments:

Great fuel economy, 4 cylinder 2L engine with 16 plugs.

Awesome to drive, power steering with smaller rally type steering wheel.

Slightly modified Pintara with full body-kit, red with silver front, rear and side skirts and red rear spoiler. Looks great.

Small amount of rust cut out & paint respray at around 190,000kms.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004

1986 Nissan Pintara GX 2Liter from Australia and New Zealand


A family/first car performer with a bullet proof engine


Only the usual day to day things.

Brake pads, suspension, timing belt.

Distributor at 210,000 my fault though.

Exhaust system cat rusted out at around 200,000ks.

Clutch at 210,000ks.

All up over the last 5 years this car would have only cost me around $Au3,000 in repairs, including modifications to the engine etc.

General Comments:

Overall this has been one of the best cars I have driven.

At standard the car handled very well, great performance and extremely reliable.

Now, after the exhaust, brakes, suspension, air intake and engine were worked on, this car is a dream to drive and extremely quick for the size of its engine - 8.4sec to 100. It has also sat in the shed for six months and started first time. For the price of these cars now, it's great value for money.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2003

23rd Mar 2004, 21:50

I drive this car in Australia - it is really a good car.

I love it, Martin.

21st Sep 2004, 21:11

I have purchased an '86 Pintara GX as my first car. It's done 188,000 kms, and the engine runs better than my parent's 2000 VT commodore. I plan to modify the extraction/exhaust systems, so if anyone is willing to give me some tips, rooscout@hotmail.com.

21st Nov 2007, 18:29

Hey guys. Just brought my first car, and yep you guessed it, it's an 87 Pintara. Everything's fine, the car drives extremely well, simply a dream. Except for one thing; it won't run on 4 cylinders. Does anyone know of a common problem that would cause this. If so please email me at... somewheredifrent@hotmail.com... cheers

Any help will be appreciated.

1986 Nissan Pintara Sedan, GXE 2.0 Litre, petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Power for a 4 cylinder!


The head gasket blew at 255 000 kilometers, but that was OK because I had a reconditioned motor installed.

Starter motor at 260 000 kilometers, wrecking yard gave us the wrong starter motor three times. But it's all good now.

Nothing else has gone bad.

General Comments:

I really love this car, it has excellent economy and power for a 4 cylinder engine. The pick-up performance is amazing! It has 8 sparkplugs and leads for extra economy and power.

I love driving it to work and when going out. Its very comfortable and nothing ever goes wrong! It starts, gets me where I need to and home again. I wouldn't buy anything else, but a skyline in about 5 years or so.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2003

1986 Nissan Pintara R31 GXE 2.0 SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


It's a 2 litre - the best!


The head gained a pin hole crack, and unfortunately the head had to be replaced.

New Steering Rack and Pinion.

General Comments:

The Car is very comfortable, feels secure and sits well on the road.

Since the Motor has been done, it has runned like a dream. Good response for a 2.0 litre considering size of car.

A Lukey turbo muffler has been added, and has improved the flow and performance of the car quite a bit.

Value for money, comfort with All round performance.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2003

11th Nov 2008, 05:16


I know it has been ages since you put your Pintara on here, but I have just purchased one for my 1st car, and I am looking into doing the exhaust, but don't know if I will gain much performance.

If I were to get it done, would you recommend getting the extractors done as well as the cat back, or just the cat back?

Any help would be great.

Thanks, Stephen.

9th Jan 2011, 18:51

Definitely extractors, with a 2 inch straight through, that is what I got, but with a 5 inch cannon on it.

1986 Nissan Pintara GLI wagon 2.0 litre petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent value as an entry level choice.


Clutch at 172000.

Alternator at 18100.

Head gasket at 187000.

Oil leaks.

General Comments:

Considering the age of the car in kilometers, it still goes well and offers good fuel consumption, ride and comfort.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2002