7th Apr 2012, 02:16

Yes, the radiator fan wasn't powerful enough to cool the car in summer under 80 kmph, but this is easily fixable - bigger fans sell for less than $40... & the dual spark system really wasn't that bad - you may have had a mechanic who didn't know what he was doing? My 88 GXE is the best car I've ever owned, & the most comfortable drive I've ever had, but best of all, it has cost nothing to maintain for the 10 years & 400000km I've had it so far. Currently on the same motor for 400000km. I bought my car with a blown motor 10 years ago, it has done 800000km all up - Beat that :)

Nissan never builds a bad car.

14th Jul 2014, 23:03

WOW - pretty scathing review for a 24 year old car after driving it 6,000km. The Nissan Pintara / Ford Corsair is essentially a very simple FWD design with 8 sparkies. As with every car, there were a few quirks, but it was no lemon. It was aimed at the Australian urban small family market looking for fuel efficiency, in an era where the Australian dollar had very little international car part buying power.

The car was plain looking and uninspiring in interior features, but 25 years later many are still driving on Australian roads. Change the oil every 5000km and keep the engine cool, and 350,000km is certainly doable on the 2.0L drivetrain. Maintain it and it will last many years - neglect it and it will overheat and blow up!

11th Mar 2019, 01:52

Bought our 11/88 in 1990 from Nissan motor co. Our biggest problem has been the radio, mechanically up to 250000k nothing, then starter drive, alternator overhaul, front and rear shocks, front disc pads, steering inner joint, clutch plate, front u-joint, speedo. It now has 293000km, has towed a loaded box trailer 150000km, longest day's drive was 2100km, never overheats even at 180kph with the air on; what did happen was the fuel gauge was dropping rather fast.

Best car we have ever owned, it is about to go on club plates, it's not hard on tyres up to 90000k, serviced every 5000km, and I'm a licensed motor mechanic