2001 Nissan Primera SE+ 2.0 16v from UK and Ireland


A refined under-rated cruiser, that's as at home on a motorway as it is on a twisty B road


Nothing to really write home about - as it's a Nissan! A few little niggles, such as a couple of interior trim rattles, but that was nothing a little silicone spray and foam couldn't sort out! Just a couple of other things really, the top link bush has started knocking, although that's not a big issue, as it's a known fault with this car, the part's only £30~ from buypartsby.

There's a resonation from the middle of the car, it's been to three garages, (Main Nissan dealer, independent Nissan specialist, and my local garage) and none of them can find out what it is - I'm led to believe that it could be the flexi-pipe for the exhaust - another small job to do!

General Comments:

The reason I bought this car was due to the fact that I've grown up with Nissans in the family, my father owning a '00 2.0 CVT Sport+. He later changed that for a "new shape" '02 2.0 SVE, and my uncle owning a '00 1.8 S.

I've always been impressed with the Primera, as it handles really well and is stylish and comfortable - and reliable too. I've got the SE+ model, which comes with the usual 4x electric windows, electric sunroof, and other such gadgets as heated, electrically adjustable leather seats, H.I.D Xenon lights, alloy wheels, driving lights, trip computer, leather steering wheel with (real!) burr walnut wood inserts, burr walnut centre console, headlamp washers, chrome accents on the interior and a six disc CD changer.

The engine is one of the finer points on this car; anyone in the know about Japanese cars will know about the SR20DET engine that features in the 200SX - the Primera has the non turbocharged version of that, and it's a great engine, with a timing chain rather than a belt, it needs regular oil changes, but that's a small price to pay for a long timing chain change period.

The car's great on a trip - the only notable feature missing is cruise control, which is a shame, but isn't crucial.

The handling on the Primera is critically acclaimed, and I can see why - it has a razor sharp turn in, tenacious grip and excellent steering feedback - it's very entertaining, although the SE+ has a softer spring rating than the "Sport & Sport+" models - but it's a fair trade off, as you don't get the "coal mine" interiors of the aforementioned models!

The seats are very supportive and grip you in all the right places, and feel nice as they're leather, and warm in the winter too, as they're equipped with 2 heat level seat heaters, which have elements in the base of the seat, and also the lower back, which is very soothing! The seats are also electrically adjustable - which is a great boon; especially if you're sharing the car with another person.

My car's in a dark grey pearl, which Nissan called "Tornado grey", it's a very moody colour, and has a green/blue hue in certain lights, and is a nice contrast from the cream leather interior.

I've made a few subtle modifications to my car, like a black leather anatomic gear knob to replace the nasty polyurethane effort that came as standard, a black 'stubby' aerial and a billet aluminium oil cap - I'm a sucker for a bit of bling!

if you're interested in Primeras or own one and want to join an owners club, there's the Nissan Primera Owners Club - http://www.npoc.co.uk/

Nik Canning

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2006

24th Dec 2006, 03:52

Thanks for the info on the owner's club - I've just registered having bought a 2000 X-reg 1.8 Sport in silver privately yesterday.

Having been smashed off the road by an articulated lorry which pulled out of a side road recently I needed to replace my old (but good!) mondeo. Only having 2K to play with, I wasn't expecting to find such a great car so easily, but these are really overlooked.

This car looks fine to me (some say it's bland) and it is also loaded with quality features and feels great to drive. You can appreciate the designers tried very hard here.

The aspects which put this car at the top of my list when I looked at what was available locally were it's age, it's safety spec. for my family (it is a large car and has ABS and driver, passenger and side airbags), it's space and practicality, the nissan reputation for reliability/longevity, the climate control, the alloy wheels, the engine size and the colour.

A fine upgrade from my beloved 1996 mondeo.

5th May 2012, 22:27

I'm driving 2001 SE+ estate, and it is the slowest car I've ever had, but what can you expect if it weighs almost 2000kg with me in it ;)

Generally I love it, and as a dad, that is something you need!!!

Still makes you feel young. I'll be driving it until it dies.

2001 Nissan Primera GX 1.6 petrol from Iceland


Great car, but no luxury


Rear seat automatic door locks for one door not working. This also went wrong in my last Primera, maybe due to the weather condition in iceland.

Brakes are sometimes getting stuck for the front wheels, I need to get it to the garage, maybe I should have changed the brake fluid years ago.

General Comments:

Great car, handles good, comfortable spacious both for driver and passengers.

I have the hatchback version and I fitted a washing machine in the boot and closed the door without putting the backseat down, the space there is always amazing.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2006

2nd Apr 2014, 14:51

I read my old review and had to add to it. I had some money problems and we had a financial banking meltdown in Iceland, so I am still stuck with the car in 2014, so it's 13 years old and I've driven it 210.000 km. No major issues, but the repair costs keep adding up. Oil pan, hinges on the front wheel and some more small repairs. Rust, so I had to put some fiber in etc and paint it again partly. I had decided to get rid of it 5 years ago and not do any major repair, but it decided not to die on me. My family is not happy with it and is praying that it gets a serious engine problem.