2008 Nissan Primera T-Spec 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nice hatchback with a reasonably big boot that has aged well and proven very reliable


Higher than usual rear tail light bulb wear - need to be replaced once per year at least. Bought LED bulbs which last a lot longer.

Ignition coil replaced at and independent garage, original parts are fairly expensive.

ABS sensor front wheel failed at 150k kilometers, had to be replaced.

Rear view camera and tail lights were playing up, but I have found on Nissan forums this is due to an earthing problem with the lights cluster, so I soldered a piece of cable to the light cluster plate earth connection and connected it to the screw that holds the tail lights in place, and no more issues, a €1 fix :)

General Comments:

We got a very good deal from Nissan on a 3.5 year car, including 1 year factory extended warranty as the Primera was becoming an unpopular choice with the Qashqai being around.

After over 8 years of ownership and 120k km driven, I can say that the car has proven to be very reliable despite some reviews I have been reading. It is very underpowered with the 1.6 petrol engine that produces only 109 PS in a rather heavy car, but for pottering around and school runs it is more than adequate.

The fuel economy is nothing special compared to more modern cars, but 7.5-8 liters of petrol in mixed driving conditions is not bad. The lowest consumption I could get was about 6.8L per 100km on a long run and the highest about 10-11L in city only driving.

The car is very well equipped with leather seats, steering wheel and gear knob, and it has not aged inside at all. The outside is where it is showing its age with headlamps beginning to fade and the paint is not as nice in places as it was, but overall I like the car a lot and therefore we are intending to keep it for another year or two as I just replaced the brake disks and got some premium Michelin tires, which are probably worth half of the car :)

The main issue is the rather hard suspension, which feels like you are driving a sports car over poor roads and potholes; you can feel all road imperfections, but this becomes an advantage in tight bends and at motorway speeds where the car feels very stable.

I have read a lot of complaints about the 1.8 petrol drinking oil due to an issue with piston rings design of poor quality. The 1.6 has always burned around 1 - 1.5 litre of semi synthetic oil in between oil changes, which I was doing every 15k kilometers, which I consider normal.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2020

24th Feb 2020, 14:22

Good review, these are decent cars. Though I preferred the 1990s Primera (1990 - 2002). The more modern one, I think the problem was it was not quite as reliable, and the odd looks put some people off. Still good to know there are decent ones out there. I think Nissan really dropped the ball (and other manufacturers) ditching the mid sized saloon/hatchback sector. Not a fan of the SUV/cross over replacements they make now as family cars.