29th Aug 2004, 14:05

Like the comment above, an update, one year (and a bit) on. (Same poster as 28th Jun 2003, 12:24)

I have covered 40000kms in 14 months with my Primera 1.6 Visia. I think now it might have better to have bought a diesel. However, the petrol model is more than economical enough. I have noticed that it is more economical during the winter though; perhaps this is because in Finland the maximum speed limit during winter is only 100 kph (7.2l/100km) while in summer it’s 120 kph (7.6l/100km) and the car runs more economically at 100. And also there's the air-conditioning factor.

As I wrote before, I had planned a trip to the UK, well, it was Ireland. I did this trip in July and, believe it or not, from door to door (my home in Finland to my parents’ home in Ireland) the car ran at 6.4l/100km over a total road distance of 958km.

So, what’s gone wrong with the car so far? Well, I needed two headlight bulbs replaced. Normally, with previous cars, I would have done this myself or taken it to a mechanic I know. But the whole procedure looked so complicated that I decided to take it to Nissan. OK, it wasn’t a big deal and the job was done during its second service as they both went after the car was booked in.

One other thing, once in a while the display in the information centre freezes. This only happens when the seat belt is fastened after the warning signal comes on, but it doesn’t happen every time. But when it does happen, the whole control panel (radio/CD player, climate control…etc) is inoperable and the car needs to be switched off before it works again; I guess it’s rebooting.

Just recently, I think I noticed a small knock over my rear left wheel like the previous writer mentioned, going slowly. It’s possible that it was just something else, but I’ll have a look into it and let you know what happened.

The local Nissan dealership has been very helpful and friendly, and compared to the dealership (mentioning no names, sorry) dealing with the services of my previous car, quite a bit cheaper - 106.40EURO for the 15000km service and 318.27EURO for the 30000km/1 year service. Compare this to the almost 800EURO I had to pay for my last service (120000km) with my previous car.

All in all, I’m extremely happy with my Nissan Primera and I’d still recommend it to anyone.

12th Oct 2006, 03:13

I have also experienced a brief faint knocking noise (from left rear wheel area, I think) at 10 mph.

It also seems to reoccur sometimes after going over speed ramps.

My dealer said that it was the "super-lock" system resetting - sounds odd.

Did you ever get an explanation/solution to this problem?

26th Oct 2006, 13:54

Yes I got the answer: Only early build models 2002 or so the rear locking bolts on the suspension were not long enough!My dealer replaced mine and all was fine, since then I've had a Volvo S40 and now a Mazda6 which I find is THE best car I have ever had! Still think the Primera is an interesting and underated car though.

13th Nov 2006, 16:45

The gearbox has failed in my 2002 Nissan Primera Visia for the third time this year, 2006.

This time the gear-box went on a busy shopping evening, in Dublin City Centre, Saturday evening 11/11/06.

On the 2/ September/06 the gear-box went me while overtaking a lorry on a 100 kph (64 mph) contra flow road. My passenger and I could have quiet easily been killed.

In February 2006, the gear-box went near my home in Naas.

Repairing this car is no longer acceptable to me.

I do not feel safe driving this mechanically unsound car!

20th Nov 2006, 03:12

Thanks for the info on the "knocking noise" coming from rear suspension - looks like I will be taking another trip back to my Dublin dealer (availing of their 1-year used car warranty).

Despite the few minor problems I have had, I think I still really like this car - it is certainly one of the better looking cars around - inside and out (although the gearbox problems mentioned above are worrying - hope the dealer is picking up the tab).

I have learned a valuable lesson though - I'll think twice before buying an early model version of a car.

I have a 2003 1.6 version and there have been a few annoying things that seem to have been fixed from 2004 onwards (interior trim wearing badly, driver seat falling apart, suspension bolts knocking).

The Primera seemed like good value - but only when it is under warranty. I doubt I will be clocking up 100,000 miles on this car (like my previous Toyotas). Next time I will pay the extra and maybe go for the Mazda6 (the new Avensis is just too ugly).

19th Dec 2006, 04:39

The gearbox in my 2002 Nissan Primera has gone completely, the mechanic has told me we would be crazy to buy a brand new one..does any where know where I might pick up a 2nd hand one I'm based in sligo


19th May 2010, 18:05

Well, maybe no one will notice this, but I also have a 2.0L petrol, fuel economy could be a bit better, but still it's around the level that is expected for 2.0L petrol saloon of this size.

It's a 2002 as well, and I have 140 000 km and I have knocking sound from rear suspension, which appears when braking without affecting the braking. I believe it might have something to do with the handbrake problem, which I have, but I will check it all soon.

I would like to say to the man from Finland that Passats have better seats, because I had a Passat as he did.