1989 Nissan Pulsar Ti 1.8L from Australia and New Zealand


A very reliable car, with comfort and respectable power.


Front CV joints both left and right.

Thermostat and petrol sensors failed.

Dash gauges fail to work sometimes.

Warning indicators on dashboard i.e. petrol, brake fluid, battery no longer work.

Has had many problems with the 'ECM' Engine Control Module due to unknown reasons.

The exterior seals around the cars windows have shrunk and come a drift from their position.

Paint around the car has begun to oxidize.

The oil pump has been replaced.

It occasionally leaked oil, this was fixed with the replacement of the head gasket seal.

Sadly the central locking is a bit temperamental and the drivers window has come off it's track.

It's shock absorbers need replacement.

All of the above problems are due to wear over time. Now that it is more well looked after there have been no further problems.

General Comments:

The car in the hands of its second owner and in mine, has always done it's job to an exceptional standard.

One must note that this car's previous owner had been in over ten accidents. I am now the third owner of this car.

The performance and reliability of the 1.8L should be commended, especially considering it's age and the fact that it has been thrashed over many years.

It easily pulls of the line, though when traveling up hill or when it is due for a service it's performance is compromised.

Air-conditioning is no friend to the engine, it literally drains the cars performance. It cools the cabin well though!

Its interior has faced the test of time quite well, though the plastic on the dash has a crack and the air-conditioning vents have broken slats. The seats, door trims and carpet are still holding together nicely.

It is a very comfortable car that features Air-Conditioning, Power Steering, Windows and Mirrors, Central Locking, an Alarm System and 4 Wheel Disc Brakes.

Due to the car having a three speed automatic it lacks in the performance and economy of the manual model.

My car is a poor example of the 88-91 Nissan Pulsar Vector range, due too many unprecedented factors.

In conclusion it is still a great car, forgetting its past problems due to poor maintenance, this car will take you where you want to go without any trouble.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2004

31st Jan 2008, 20:38

Reliability of this car is awesome. Economy is very good. And with minor maintenance they will serve for a long time.


Gauges - They will fail over time. $100 to fix

Gearbox - Synchro bearings - hard to go in reverse. Put in 1st gear first, and then go into reverse. Does the trick.

1989 Nissan Pulsar GL 1.6 throttle body injected from Australia and New Zealand


Economical, reliable and easy to park


'Engine management' light is lit intermittently, without reason.

Fuel gauge will occasionally not show fuel level.

Temperature gauge will occasionally not show temperature.

Rear-washer water supply tubing began to leak.

General Comments:

My previous car was the same model, but 2 years younger.

The problems that I have encountered with this model have only been minor.

This car is a great, economical little car that doesn't mind picking up speed on the highways.

Driver and passenger seats are very comfortable, even for long trips.

Due to the small car size, leg room in the back is minimal. Not good for taking adults on long trips.

Split-folding rear seat allows larger items to be carried quite comfortably.

No modern safety features such as airbags or anti-lock braking system.

Surprisingly accurate handling when good-quality tyres are installed.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2003

1989 Nissan Pulsar NX 1.6 from North America


Enjoy The Ride


The master cylinder went out at 138000.

Changed The brakes at 138000.

Changed the blown speakers as soon as I got it.

General Comments:

The car is fast considering that it is only a 1.6.

Think the top speed is about 135 give or take a couple of mph.

The car handles great.

The first car for me to have T tops.

It is fun to drive all around.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003