15th Aug 2004, 03:36

Sounds like a lack of "regular maintenance" to me. I started with one Pulsar originally intended for my daughters first car. Now I have three kicking around and find them a lot of fun and very easy to maintain. They all have over 200,000 trouble free klms and after replacing the exhaust on all three (expected maintenance given klms) they show no intentions of leaving anyone stranded.

18th Aug 2005, 15:31

I don't know about pulsars, but sentras are excellent little cars. My fathers lasted 250,000+ miles, and the engine is still strong. Maybe you just got a badly abused car.

6th Dec 2005, 02:17

Pulsars are mechanically (engine-transmission-chassis) identical to the Sentras.

2nd Mar 2008, 22:53

I bought a 1985 Pulsar new in September of 1984. It was my first and only brand new car. I drove it for nearly 10 years and 110,000 miles. I had replaced the clutch once, and it needed replacing again, so I traded it off instead. I loved that car. When I traded it in, the engine still purred like a kitten.

The only thing besides "regular" maintenance is that I had to replace the muffler about once a year. I think that speaks more toward the quality of the muffler. By contrast, I now drive a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis that still has its original muffler.

The Pulsar was a lot of fun to drive. I wish I had a car just like it now. My license plate was "Pulsar 1." Very cool.

One of the things I liked about the Pulsar is that everything on it came standard including the sunroof, remote trunk release, bucket seats, folding back seat, flip-up headlights, power steering, power brakes, rear window defogger, etc. A lot of those things cost extra on American cars. I paid $8,100 for my Pulsar in '84.

23rd Jun 2010, 05:35

I own a Pulsar which I bought in 1985. I have maintained it religiously from the day I bought it, and up to this time in 2010, it is still working perfectly well.

I've had it repainted three times, and did some minor body repairs. The engine was overhauled in the year 2000.

Ownership of the car began with me in 1985. I gave it to my son in 1990 and it now belongs to my grandson.

I'm very satisfied with my 1985 Nissan Pulsar, and it is now a family heritage.

20th Sep 2010, 04:54

What did you do to the poor thing, for the axle to break and engine to blow you must have really really thrashed the crap out of it. I have the same car and it is absolutely perfect, the only thing I changed was the coil and it runs awesomely.