13th Jul 2006, 19:55

It makes me cringe to think of driving on the same oil for 12,000 miles, but the last guy was spot on. The first comment was by some malcontent. If my Pulsar ever gets totalled or just wears out, I'm shopping out west somewhere for another. Humid climates are not kind to the Nissan.

3rd Aug 2006, 09:35

I have a 1988 Nissan Pulsar NE Automatic that still runs great. I am the original owner and it has only 68k miles on it. It gets driven in the winters in Boston and in the summer (on Cape and Martha's Vineyard). The air conditioning went two summers ago... and needed a major rehaul to get fixed. I started the process, but after about 700 dollars I stopped. It'd be another 800-1000 to get it totally fixed and I wasn't sure at the time it'd be worth it on my 18 years old car that I mostly take the roof off of anyway. Also - The gas reading doesn't work... so I used the trip mileage control to figure out when it's time to fill up again. I guess this can be fixed at some point. Last year I had a new removable cd player and new speakers installed.

Overall the car has been great to me, really fun to drive and I'll have a hard time when I have to part with it. I've been keeping it as a second car, but when I buy a new car I'm not sure I'll be able to handle a new car payment and insurance on two cars.

I have maintained this car - new water pump, transmission, mufflers, brakes, fixed the gloved compartment lock, etc. And during the last year - repairs and maint. have increased, but for the life of the car - I'd say I'm way ahead of the game and this car owes me nothing.

Still looks great too. It's black with a stripe and has no dents and just some scratches on the tee tops. Inside is clean and looks new.

I know I can't keep it forever, but it's going to be so hard to part with this car. (PulsarNE88@aol.com)

6th Sep 2006, 22:36

I love my 18-year-old Nissan Pulsar. It's the very first car that I've ever owned, and it has become a part of the family (seriously... her name is Blinky-B). Like the other commentator, though, I have to use my trip mileage in order to know when to fill up gas. The odometer is a whole quarter-tank off, but other than that and a few minor rust spots on her back, she's in great condition for being in the salty Hawaiian climate 24/7. My boyfriend just installed a CD player deck, amp, and sub-woofer, and with a little more touches, like new hubcaps, she'll be all pimped out!

5th Apr 2008, 21:20

I also have a 1988 Pulsar. The car has really surprised me for reliability. It has 285,000 miles on it. I change my oil every 10,000 miles or so. The body and interior is nearly perfect. Love the t-tops! I have also had problems with the plastic door components and it seems to be hard on rear wheel bearings. I machined a replacement door part with a Dremel tool out of an old plastic toothbrush. I will never part with the car, my wife has named her "Polly Pulsar". Would like to hear from other Pulsar owners, my email is k_sheets@hotmail.com.

18th Oct 2010, 13:52

12,000 mile change intervals on good synthetic oil is no problem. This is normal in Europe. In fact, some manufacturer's suggest twice that mileage between changes.

14th Nov 2011, 09:04

I just bought an 88 Pulsar NX for 400 dollars with 186,000 miles, and it runs great. I put in a kickin' head unit, 2000 watt amp and cap with 2x 10 inch CVT subs. This car rocks! And I love the t-tops!