1993 Nissan Quest GXE 3.0 from North America


Wonderful van. Hope it lasts another 10 years


Eats brake light bulbs.

Several of the exhaust manifold studs broke off due ostensibly to the exhaust manifolds moving around under heat load. This caused an audibly noticeable exhaust leak, particularly when it was cold. At about 100k I fixed this and had the manifolds planed flat. We've run up another 150k on in since then with no additional problems in that area.

Sometime after that I was talking with a Nissan tech and he told me they all do that (break off exhaust studs). Their standard fix is to stack two exhaust gaskets on it and send it down the road.

Seems to be hard on front brakes.

I've replaced the resonator/tail pipe assembly several times. I think it's been several times due to cheap after-market parts. The front 2/3 of the system (head pipe to muffler) is still original.

Have had to fix the air a couple of times, due to the wonderful spring-lock connection design on the hoses.

General Comments:

We've owned the van since new and it now has 250k miles on it and is still going strong. Granted, I've maintained it well, and replaced stuff along the way (alternator twice, water pump twice, three timing belts, struts twice, fuel pump once, tune-up parts, etc, etc) but that's to be expected if you want to make a vehicle last.

It's very comfortable to ride in. We've taken ours on several cross-country family vacations with adolescent kids and always had plenty of room for everyone and luggage.

Very reliable. Has never left us stranded. Still running on the original engine and transmission.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2006

1993 Nissan Quest from North America


Very expensive defects on vehicle


The main problem that has gone wrong with vehicle is the manifold exhaust studs have broken. And after hearing several mechanics and nissan quest owners opinions. This is a very common problem. What is the cause I'm not totaly sure, but it seems to point to warped manifolds resulting with broken studs. know that I'm aware of this problem I keep a ear for other quests on the road and it seems the vast majority have the same problem. It is a mystery why there has not been a recall on the vehicle. If I had know this was a defective concern I would not have purchased the vehicle and I was in the market for a newer vehicle in the near future, but I will shy away from purchasing from nissan. thank you.

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Review Date: 10th May, 2004

18th Feb 2005, 09:39

Nissan Quest 1993.

Our Quest is still running with 330 000km at the odometer.

Like the others owners, I have to replace all the manifold studs. The mechanic person who repaired my Quest told me that I was his 26th client with the same problem.

I agree with others persons who said that Quest Nissan's and Villager Ford's problems should have been object of recall from the company.

Except that big repair, over hall I am satisfy of the car with an average cost of 0.05$ a kilometer.

Gilles Viel Qu

15th Jun 2005, 23:00

Our 93 Quest has had all the factory recalls (gas fill tube broken plastic and the rest) but I do wish they'd address this exhaust manifold problem. Break the bolts, the engine runs rich, fuel economy goes down, the state of CA has termed ALL Quests and Pathfinders to be "Gross Polluters" (mandatory extra fees!) and it costs at least a grand to repair those bolts properly (for the front side bolts! The backside bolts, those cost more).

Lots of bells and whistles on our GXE model. Too bad so many of them faded away: the light-up climate controls stopped lighting up, the windshield wiper control did a slow fade (replaced it, and the wipers work great now), the CD player gave up a couple years back, the antenna motor burned out, cruise control circuit is non-operational, we broke the shift lever twice, one of the rear view mirrors never did rotate in both axes...

Overall, though, loved the car, drives super solid like it's on rails, but in today's economy if you're going to drive around getting 17 miles to the gallon, find something bigger and make more of a statement.