2000 Nissan Quest LX from North America


Stay away


Oil pan rotted out at 40000. Cost 700.00.

Speedometer went bad at 60000. Cost 550.

Drivers door at sill rotting out. Has never been in an accident.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2007

2000 Nissan Quest from North America


Good car, but has small problems


The sliding doors freeze up easily in winter. As the result, one of the door handles broke. Radio display went at 40,000. It does not handle as well as the Windstar in winter and use more gas than the 3.0L Windstar. It's much smaller inside compare to the Windstar. Both air condition lines leak at 45,000 and had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Over all, it's been a great car. No major problems. It handles OK in summer months, but a little light at wintertime. Got a lot of power and the tires may slip at red light if the foot was a little heavy on the pedal. The audio buttons on the steering wheel may switch channels on you when you want to volume up or down.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2005

2000 Nissan Quest SE from North America


Not sexy, just excellent value


A/C stopped blowing cold air within a month of getting it. Nissan dealer recharged the freon, but it recurred 2yrs later. This time I took it back to the place where I bought it and they fixed the problem properly for free - rear A/C pump and tube leaking.

Display on the radio went after 2 years - seems this is a common problem. Fixed by the vendor for free.

Headlights both went mid-way through a night-time drive from Delaware. A loose wire fixed by the dealer.

General Comments:

This is a good van for the money.

It's considerably quieter than the Windstar we were considering.

It can carry hefty loads with the seats down/removed. However taking the middle row seats out is tiresome, as they are pretty heavy and bulky.

It has a mediocre safety rating, but in the one incident we've had (we got rear-ended by a Mercedes M-class SUV) the Quest had a scratch on the bumper whilst the Merc was quite beat up.

Engine is respectable for a van. It offers reasonable fuel economy, and is good at pulling away from lights.

The Quest's front wheel drive has proven itself capable in 4" of snow, but I wouldn't want to drive it to a really snowy place. If you live someplace that gets a lot of the white stuff you ought to consider the AWD vans out there.

Finally, if you detest Fords, don't buy this van because Ford built it for Nissan. Some components are shared, e.g. the radio is the same as you would get in an Explorer.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

28th Dec 2005, 22:43

I have owned mine since it was new. I replaced the stereo because the lights burned out and the CD player decided to stop working. I have replaced the headlights four times and the tail lights three times. One of the back vent windows latch is broken. Over all it runs well, but I will probably not buy another. I did not know about it being Ford built until I had already purchased the van. It does seem to want to roll pretty easily. On a scale from 1-10 it gets a 6.5.

8th Jan 2009, 22:29

My mom has a 2000 Quest GXE. The V6 is peppy and the van can run a 1/4mile in about 15.5-16.2. I took the van to Cecil county raceway in MD and recorded a time slip in September 2002 at 15.68 @93.8mph. Box-stock minivan I nicknamed the silver bullet or the mini-mauler. When my mom bought it new, I laughed at her for it. She told me that she would never buy a Ford car yet the Nissan Quest built between 1993-2004 are actually Ford-byproducts. We have had no major issues with it except a blown TV fuse in the rear entertainment center and an iffy power-steering pump. The power steering unit malfunctions when it gets wet. We have 137,000 miles on it since new (9/2000. Good, solid, and reliable van for the money and comforts.