2007 Nissan Quest 3.5 from North America




Driver side middle row cup holder broken at time of purchase, dealer promised to supply it but could never procure one. Corresponding cup holder on opposite side broke within 1 week of purchase, very flimsy quality, inappropriate design and location, company claims that they haven't had many people claim about this issue.

Driver side vanity mirror cover broke within 2 months of purchase. Flimsy quality materials/defective design.

Noisy interior and wind noise through door seals.

Very poor gas mileage 10-13 in city 19 on highway, versus claims of 16-20.

All power windows have stopped within less than 3 years of manufacture of the car (manufactured in October 2006, note this is a 2007 model year). This problem has been reported by several Nissan Quest owners, and the manufacturers claim that they have never received a complaint in this regard till I placed mine. Called Nissan North America in Nashville and went through a $117.00 diagnostic check ($ 94.00 for diagnostics and extra for shop supplies which dealership associate told me were "taxes), no exact technical details regarding the problems were mentioned in the detail, the report was sketchy using very layman like language) and was told it would be approximately $ 1500 to fix it, this check was on the recommendation of the company personnel. Subsequently after telephone conversations with different Nissan personnel, I was told that there was no way they could help me with the issue, as it was out of warranty, although this car is less than 3 years old. I reminded them this was a quality related issue, and there were many negative reports regarding this vehicle on the web including power window related problems, but they did nothing to help.

Besides, a lady who claimed to be their regional manager said they had no control over their dealerships. They have lost my business thereafter. I would not want to buy any other product from this company after going through all this.

Wind noise through door seals.

General Comments:

Don't buy this one, probably the flimsiest car I have owned.

Poor visibility.

Average stability.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 3rd December, 2009