2009 Nissan Quest SL 3.5L V6 from North America


A great highway cruiser for the family


Replaced HVAC temperature control - failed in the full cold position (fortunately it was in the summer).

Replaced failed HVAC "flapper" (controls cold/hot air to vents).

General Comments:

Excellent highway cruiser - smooth and quiet with excellent room. We have done multiple trips in it, with 12+ hour driving days with no problems.

The front seats do take some getting used to. Initially they were not that comfortable. Although some do not like the way the middle seats fold down (they don't go all the way into the floor like the Chrysler seats do), they are bigger and more comfortable than the Chrysler seats, and they are just as convenient. We have had no issues with the fact that the rear seat doesn't split fold down.

The 3.5L engine in our van is exceptional - quiet, smooth, powerful. It works well with the 5 speed AT (better than the CVT setup in our Murano.) It gets a real world 24-25 MPG on the highway cruising at 70-75 MPH, but unfortunately it only gets 16 MPG in city driving.

The low city MPG, plus its large turning radius, makes it a less than ideal inner city van. But it does ride well, and it handles well for a van.

As mentioned in another review, there is some wind noise - in ours it's the driver's door seal. It isn't loud enough to notice, unless the audio is off or there is a cross wind.

Other than the HVAC issues, it has only needed scheduled maintenance.

Best family vacation hauler I have owned.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th June, 2012