1995 Nissan QX SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


High quality piece of Japanese engineering


CV joint gaiter needed replacing as previous one split.

Slight knocking noise when turning steering wheel (possibly CV joint?).

Windscreen washers stopped working - think it's a blockage.

Otherwise all good.

Sometimes stalls when cold, but can normally be "caught" with a light dab of throttle.

General Comments:

Good looking barge of a car. Very refined, lovely quiet engine. Lacks power round town, but improves as revs climb.

Really enjoyable and pleasant to drive, relaxing too.

Very well equipped - air con/climate control, electric sunroof, 4 x electric windows - and all still works. Excellent considering the car is 15 years old.

Starts first time every time and runs well.

Ride a bit unsettled. Handling good for size of car.

I average 30 MPG round town.

Paintwork still pretty good and no rust except to the crossmember in front of radiator.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2010

15th Jan 2012, 07:26

Update on this car. Crankshaft pulley disintegrated at 132000 miles. A week's wait for the part from Japan, then £380 all in to be replaced, along with belts.

1995 Nissan QX SEL 3.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Although rather plain, this is a comfortable and reliable car


Not very much. Just as well really as parts are expensive. ABS braking sensor needed replacing.

Wiper motor needed replacing.

A seal on the auto-transmission needed replacing.

General Comments:

I bought my Nissan Maxima 3.0 QX (as it’s called in the UK) in 1999 when it was 4 years old. It has been very enjoyable to own and makes light work of a 275 mile journey from Sussex up to Lancashire where I visit regularly. The car has done 127000 miles, but the engine is still oh so creamy smooth, but also oh so thirsty - though not any worse I suspect than any other car of similar engine capacity.

The engine has a nice purr driving fairly gently, rising to an exhilarating metallic yowl under hard acceleration. At that point there is sometimes a faint brief tinkling sound either from the gearbox or engine, I am not sure which, but it has been doing that for 7 years and has not got any worse. Anyone know what that might be? Otherwise, everything is virtually silent when floating along at 70, the revs are about 2200.

The car feels well put together. Everything still works and other than the exhaust, there is no rust. The air-conditioning to the best of my knowledge has never needed topping up, although it always feels a bit short of oxygen in there with the windows closed.

For a Japanese car, it does in some ways feel as if it is a bit lacking on electrical novelties. This is noticeable by comparing it with my previous car, a 1986 Granada Scorpio, which incidentally I traded in for the QX. Interior lighting is limited to a reading light in the front{bright enough to warn ships mind} and a rather gloomy light in the middle of the ceiling for when one boards and alights. There’s no headlight wash-wipe, which is slightly surprising when you think that this was standard fare on a 1988 Volvo 340.

The leather hasn’t quite got that aroma and depth which the Scorpio had, but it is still in good fettle and not at all cracked. The interior is definitely a bit spartan and grey, but smart nevertheless. There are nice little areas of wood in places like round the window switches. For in- car entertainment, there is a 12 CD magazine and the car was built in the era when a tape player was included as well. This even has a search facility, and the system is Sony Supersound.

The tilt–slide sunroof is great as indeed it was on my other car. Nissan seem to appreciate that people like the roof and the air-con for different needs. In winter I have heat on the feet, but with the roof tilted open to keep a through-flow of air.

I would happily own another QX, particularly the 2000 model, which is an improvement on the original in exterior design and interior appointment. Silver grey would be preferable. Mine is dark olive green, and doesn’t have tinted windows.

Ownership is a bit like belonging to a club, which is nice taking into consideration that it is a modern car. One sometimes exchanges a smile or light-flash with one going the other way.

Happy motoring!

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Review Date: 6th May, 2007

19th May 2010, 18:59

The tinkling noise is probably the timing chain. My Primera used to do it under hard acceleration. Nothing to worry about, but the chain may be stretched a little.