1995 Nissan Sentra XE from North America


Ugly, constantly in for repair, but never left me stranded


Gas tank rusted out replaced at 70k.

The brakes just "broke" and starting thunking, probably my fault at 73k.

RF axle went bad at about 75k.

Alternator at about 78k.

LF axle went bad at about 82k.

Brake lines went at 85k.

A/C Compressor is bad.

General Comments:

Eh, this car was just a hassle. I couldn't even go the space of time between an oil change without having to send it into the garage for something. It's probably due to poor maintenance on the part of the previous owners though.

Disgustingly underpowered (disgusting to look at too). Getting on the highway is scary. Once you get on, you can't be a wimp on the pedal. If you are, you won't be able to maintain your speed.

On the plus side, I've had minimal problems with the engine (only the alternator, but that's routine at this stage in the car's life). The car never left me stranded anywhere. But I still hate the car.

It's going to have to be retired at the end of the month when my registration expires because of a bent frame.

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Review Date: 5th May, 2008

1995 Nissan Sentra GLE 1.6L from North America


Every Car Has Its Issues


Well I cannot complain to much due to the fact I had it for four years and it's at 103k, but this car had some serious issues. I have had to replace an alternator almost every year, check engine and airbag light are on constantly, car alarm likes to go off for no reason, I've had to replace the exhaust and the cat just started to go, this car has a funky electrical system to (I may have aided to that)but other than that it is a great commuter car.

General Comments:

The car is a great daily driver, looks great with some tint and a set of rims. Not even moderately fast and doesn't manage electrical elements very well. Nice little car, great first buy.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2007

1995 Nissan Sentra 1.6L gas from North America


Overall a good car with good mileage, hope to get 300,000 miles


Recently repainted (before I got it), was starting to fade.

176,000 miles: Clutch replaced, $400 repair.

Battery/brake lights come on when engine gets above about 3500 rpm.

Slight oil leak, none on the driveway, but constant wet oily spot on the bottom of the engine.

Stock stereo got cassette stuck in it. Replaced with aftermarket stereo.

Gasoline door easily bends out of shape. A few knocks with a hammer (on the unpainted side) soon fixed it.

General Comments:

Paid $3,000, which seemed to be a fair price according to blue book.

The interior of the car is amazing... for the size, there is a lot of leg room, both in the front and back seats. The seats are relatively comfortable and have worn well, though they may soon need seat covers.

The engine is quiet, transmission easy to shift, but I wish it had a tachometer.

Too bad I had to replace the clutch, but after 176K miles, I can't complain too much. It was a fairly cheap repair. If I had a place to do it, I would have done it myself, as there is easy access to the engine and transmission.

I don't like the stock 13 inch wheels, wish it had 14 - 15 inch wheels.

Brakes are good, not spongey, don't squeak.

The heater is very powerfull.

Starts well in cold weather (5-10 degrees fahrenheit), and runs well as long as it warms up for a few minutes.

I don't like the keyless entry and the auto-locking doors. If the car is on and the door is shut, it locks. Had a few incidents with being locked out of my car while it was running...

It's not very fast, but it is a smooth ride, even at ~80-85 MPH.

Wish it had a sixth gear.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2006