17th Jun 2003, 09:39

I'm sorry, but I think your review of this car is not very good. If you say the car wouldn't start, how did you get it to go all of those places? Maybe there is something wrong with these cars, but you also have to consider the driver. If you buy a car, its always best to do your homework. Know the car before you even get on the lot. That way, you can test drive it and know how it should handle and why. Then if something is wrong with it, take it back. As far as the people at the company, don't be rude to them, just get the point across and if that doesn't help, request to talk to someone in a higher position, like their manager. Like I said, don't get rude, just get the point across. They need to learn to treat their customers with more respect, but if you are rude to them they will be less likely to want to help you.

5th Aug 2003, 13:57

Did you ever think that this guy maybe did do some research on the car first? Did it end up that maybe they try to hide information like that? Also when dealing with head office the highest position you will ever get to speak with unless your working for the company is a supervisor. I agree with this guy, Nissan has serious issues they need to deal with. I wouldn't buy a Nissan again either.

26th Aug 2003, 12:20

I remember in the past everybody I knew who owned a Nissan was satisfied with their car. So I finally decide to buy a Nissan Sentra SER (Spec) 2002 and all I've had are problems since I bought the car. I've been having problems starting the car in the winter, every time I brought it to the dealer, they would say the problem was fixed which of course was not. Now in late summer this problem is starting to reoccur and they still don, t know what the problem is. Worst of all is Nissan head office, they are not helpful at all. Very frustrating, probably will end up selling my car which will cost me more $$ to buy a new one.

15th Jul 2004, 09:59

My 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R was fine until I had trouble getting it started after 17,000 miles when it was one and half years old. The dealer told me there had been three recalls (ECM foam, exhaust and a crank position sensor-which might be responsible for the car not starting). After these repairs were made, the car still doesn't start; it needs a new starter. The dealer hinted the starter may be recalled too.

I called Nissan customer service to ask why I didn't receive recall notices; they didn't know as I was in their system. I asked that them to send me copies of the recall notices for my records and they refused, as they had already been sent! I finally convinced someone to at least write me a letter about the recalls so I could be sure I was in their system. This is just as frustrating as the car not starting. I don't understand why they have recalls, but can't send me a copy?

12th Sep 2004, 09:55

Hard car starting. The solution my dealership said was the fuel pump. It doesn't work properly, especially when it is hot/warm (faulty pump). So they replaced it ($500-$600 yikes, but it was under warranty) and my car worked. Not like the day I bought it, but it is a lot better. As for the service guys that I talk to I find them very annoying. They stonewall me the customer whenever I have a question or concern. I hate taking my car to the dealership for service. oh and my mom bought the same car 3months before me and she has had the exact problems 4 to 5 months before my car started acting up. Now that is freaky, but not too surprising seeing all the comments.

22nd Jan 2005, 23:51

I hate this car. I've had it a year and after dealing with all the recalls, I also had to have the mass air flow sensor replaced because it was sputtering and wouldn't go above 55 mph. I can never get it started in the winter. This has caused me to be late for work several times as well as a funeral. It would be different if it took me several cranks to get it started, but 2.5 hours just to start the car?!? Come on now, that's ridiculous! I've had more problems in a year with the SER than I had with my Honda in the 4 years I owned it. This is the first and last time I will own a Nissan.

19th May 2005, 14:22

I don't know whats wrong with yours, but the one I've got has had absolutely no problems. I've just done all the basic oil changes and took it into the dealership for its regular recalls and things like that.

25th Mar 2006, 18:16

Someone just smashed my parked Hyundai Elantra GT.

I am considering buying this Nissan with 88000km.

I would hope that with this much mileage, all the recalls are done and it can run without giving a problem besides the obvious breaks, timing belt... for 2 years???

Or will it fail to start in my Canadian Winters...

This thread is seriously turning me off...

But it's a NISSAN!!!

Its supposed to be more reliable then my Hyundai (that I HAVE NOT HAD 1 Problem with and starts better in winter then most other cars... -40... no problem.

So... everyone here obviously would not recommend it?

Would you think it maybe more reliable after 60000km?

6th Apr 2006, 15:38

My boyfriend has a 2002 Nissan Sentra Se-R and he has had nothing, but problems with it. He loves the look of the car and the power that it has. But he must be frustrated because he's had to replace a fuel pump, a starter, an oxygen sensor and when it was just two years old he had to have the whole engine replaced. His car has also been known to lock its own doors with the keys in the ignition. Already since Jan its happened twice. Today a funny thing happened he drove home parked his car and took the keys out of the ignition and his car is still running. His car should not be in such poor shape, but even the inside of the doors are rusting and inside his trunk. Nissan is always saying that they fixed the problem, but right around the corner is another problem or something worse happens that could have been prevented. I would never buy a nissan vehicle ever... i really like the look of them, but myself I only trust Honda.

17th Aug 2006, 18:10

Shouldn't the car still be under warranty? And if you're having that many problems, wouldn't it be wise to look up the Lemon Law in your state?

1st Jul 2007, 11:57

I purchased 2002 srv 10/2005 with 30k miles Mar 2007.

My top cat failed, which caused the engine to over heat. Today my head gasket blew because of the over heating problem. In reading other problems with this model Nissan, it may be worth to look at the cat problem with the computer. If anyone knows more about these problems, I would like to know.