3rd Apr 2005, 17:55

"The gas mileage is only good because the engine has no capacity for gasoline, and is very weak." - If the engine was "very weak" then it wouldn't be as good on gas considering that it would have to work harder. Good fuel efficiency is achieved by balance... don't know what you mean by capacity for gasoline.

"This car is surprisingly quick if you're used to horseback riding." - If you are referring to driving a mustang, then yes.

"Comfort and handling is excellent compared to how comfortable I am when I have intestinal flu." - You must get it quite often then... practice makes perfect.

"Having all power options such as power windows and locks is just more things that can go wrong on a cheap car." - Wouldn't that be true with any car? I could sell you a cardboard box and fewer things could go wrong with it than with your Pinto.

"This car zips through traffic very easily, providing you are driving in the middle of the night on a deserted 8 lane highway." - Traffic usually means that there's.. traffic. I would imagine that if the the "8 lane highway" was deserted... zippin' through traffic would be impossible.

"This car has a nice rattly sound all over while being driven." - Too unique a comment for me to say anything. ;)

"The air-conditioning does work great - so great that it robs the engine of at least 20% of its horsepower. I have to turn off the A/C if I want to attempt to pass anyone in traffic." - If you had any automobile knowledge, you'd know that the ECU turns off the compressor under WOT. Now that I think about it, you probably don't know what WOT stands for... wide open throttle.

""I'm so confident in this car that I just might use it on a drive to my sister's house in Florida (about 928 miles)." - that's sarcasm, right?" - my '91 240sx has made it from upstate-NY to south-TX twice without any problems at all.

** Nissan makes some of the most reliable cars out there. Test one out for yourself... you won't be disappointed! Don't let immature people ruin a good car experience.

9th May 2005, 16:54

Very well written review. Don't let the hater ruin your fun with this car. :)

19th Jan 2006, 17:17

I agree with much of what you said in your review. I disagree that the acceleration is what I would consider great compared to most cars, but compared to other small, inexpensive, efficient cars, it's wonderful. A manual would have been nice, but the automatic is fine. In regards to the comments about it being 'zippy', I think it all depends where. I drove my '97 Sentra GXE from Michigan to D.C., and in the chaotic streets of the capital it performed extremely well... not to mention it fit into any parking space... but the highway is a different story, I have to give plenty of room to pass someone. My brother has a Sentra too, an '89, and that thing still runs fine... a testament to their reliability. Wouldn't mind 15" tires though...

10th Aug 2006, 18:53

My Sentra has been a pleasure to own for my 2nd car. I initially bought it for driving long miles to and from college, which was around 80 miles round trip... and it's inexpensive on insurance, it gets excellent gas mileage, it's got cold A/C and that's never been messed with, pretty good pickup, and it has been super reliable. I have now owned this car for almost 5 years, basically because I'm not looking forward to another car payment, and I would recommend it to anyone. It also has held it's value extremely well. When I bought my car in 2001 it had 54,000 miles and Kelly blue booked at $6,000, now 5 years later at 92,000 it still books in at $3,300 which is awesome... those who've dissed it could be driving much bigger pieces of crap, trust me, try a Pontiac Sunfire from this year... then hit me back!