20th May 2006, 07:04

Original owner 1989 Sentra from dealer. 305,000 miles. I commute over 75 miles daily. Two clutches, one alternator and master brake cylinder. Engine never been opened. Change oil religiously. I wonder how long it will last.

17th Oct 2008, 22:41

Great little car for commuting or just basic transportation. With gas at $4.00 a gallon, it paid for itself. Not a race car, but handles pretty well with rack and pinion and a 5 speed.

The timing chain on mine just went at 122,000 miles. Is a 20 year old car worth the money to repair? I think so. Has been reliable and worth the money I paid for it. This thing has another hundred thousand miles in it. :)

2nd Nov 2008, 08:48

I bought this 1989 Nissan Sentra 4dr, 5 speed with no options brand new from the dealer for $13,000.

I used to race this car at Cayuga Dragway Park quarter mile race track; I got the best of 17.80 et @75 miles/hr.

I cannot explain the amount of punishment this car took for 50 passes down the track,plus street race, and this motor is and always was nothing but stock.

This car is to me was maintenance free, other than the obvious till it hit 200,000 km and 16 years later.

This car never left me stranded, and I'm doing the timing chain for the first time at 225,000km.

For the first 16 years I've never done a thing to this car, and it just started with the alternator, stalling from time to time, and it ate mufflers just after three years old.

This car made the best stand still burnouts. My hat is off and I bow to Japan. The most reliable car ever.

I heard that the newer ones aren't as strong, but that goes with most cars today.

Vince Commodari.

4th Apr 2011, 21:06

I bought my 1989 Nissan Sentra for $1800 12 years ago, with 109,000 on it. I did nothing but use it and have never been stranded or disappointed.

At 175 it needed an alternator and at 200 a timing chain. Other than that nothing at all needed, just as reliable as can be. I love the way it handles and it's great on gas, about 36 miles to the gallon.

Powder Blue is at 226,000 right now and in the shop because the oil light is flickering, but there is oil in the car. Not sure what's going on, but I couldn't blame that car if it fell to pieces. I can't imagine all the moving parts that have been so reliable over the years!

I'll repair Blue no matter what because I've never had a more reliable friend!