1992 Nissan Silvia K's SR20 turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent performance, even as an auto


Replaced shocks and springs.

Replaced several belts.

Replaced faulty 02 sensor.

Replaced battery.

Replaced spark plugs.

Replaced cracked radiator overflow bottle.

General Comments:

Excellent performance, even as an auto.

Unfortunately the S13 is showing its age, and I've had to replace a number of parts.

Fuel consumption isn't great.

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Review Date: 3rd November, 2008

1992 Nissan Silvia S13 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


An excellent quality bargain


The Nissan Silvia has done me very well. I haven't had any major problems since I've owned the car.

However some of the smaller problems include - the brake lights staying on. This was a cheap 5 dollar fix at the auto electrician.

An exhaust rattle. This was a cheap 12 dollar fix at the auto mechanic.

General Comments:

This car runs beautifully. I haven't had any real problems with it yet. Even after a year.

I would recommend this car to almost anyone into a cheaper sports car, because they are a very durable and long lasting car.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2004

5th Dec 2004, 02:17

Why does my Nissan Silvia S-13 idle at 400 RPM's. The car has the stock ca 18 in it. Is this right? I just got it imported from japan like a month ago. I'm just kinda curious because the car only has 60000 km. Send response to tsk8_420@hotmail.com Thanks for your help. Have a good one boys drift one for me.

11th Apr 2005, 20:12

That is were they idle mine sits on 500 rpm they idle low.

19th Nov 2005, 19:13

The S13 Silvias are supposed to idle at 800RPM.


11th Apr 2008, 00:06

I owned one s13 (sr20de) for about 5 years and the only real issue was cracking appearing on the dashboard. Comes with the Australian climate I guess, and some power window problems (switches falling off and such). Sold her and bought a Holden Vectra... If only I found this site before I bought the Vectra!

4th May 2009, 23:05

My Silvia 1992 has 176,000kms on the clock and has the SR20DE Black Top. It is a great car for speed and handling. The car is very very low. There is a hole in the catalyst converter and the exhaust rattles heaps. Oh and it idles at 900 rpm!