1992 Nissan Skyline GTS 2.0 non turbo from UK and Ireland


Great car, turns heads, young and old, good fun

General Comments:

Was unsure about getting the non turbo version, but had to go with funds and insurance.

Well what a surprise, this has been a great car. Comfort wise takes a little getting used to, but don't notice now, rear seats not too bad at all, a lot of people say how small the rear is, blimey, you try an RX7 then.

Dash is a little old looking, but with modern gauges sprays etc I am sure could be give a modern look.

Petrol seems to be a little thirsty, but I think it depends how you drive it really.

Mine is a semi auto. Was worried about this as I don't get on with auto's, but love it and would get again.

There still seems a lot to do with the stick; overdrive power and hold buttons all give you that boost when needed. When hitting power and turn overdrive off, you shoot off and leave most folks behind, but be careful to watch that petrol, but sometimes it's worth it for that bit of fun.

Things to be careful are as it's a sports car and on a semi box, you're at lights or going slow in traffic, you're taking your time slowing moving, when the car decides you're going too slow and changes for you, and you suddenly shoot forward at warp speed. Something that if you are aware of, you can be ready for.

This is a great car, and very fast for a non turbo; Very nippy, and with a decat filter and larger manifold, can soon be made faster, but even now doesn't hang about. And least you haven't got the problems from turbos.

NA systems are coming back in it says in Japan, as turbos have been done to death.

Great car, but always wants to go fast; had a few Nissan sports cars, and they all have the same problem, always want to go.

Driving wise, great, very easy, like driving a PlayStation car.

Roundabouts, holds on, sticks to the road. My wife hates roundabouts, as she spends her time stuck against the door; hey, you have to have fun.

As she says, drifting is a sport about car's that can't turn corners straight.

Bad points; everyone wants to race you, even if you're going slow and enjoying the drive, they go by you like I have beat a Skyline, even if you're doing 60 in a 60 zone. For some reasons folks in people carriers have to try to race you; some pride thing I think. Strange.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2006

1992 Nissan Skyline 3.0 SGLi 3.0 straight-6 NA petrol from South Africa


Bargain car with everything you want


The pin that fixes the distributor rotor to the shaft it sits on came out once. Car stopped because of the firing being all messed up.

General Comments:

Handling is very good and exciting.

Performance is very good, lots of torque from low revs.

Fuel consumption on the heavy side - get around 8km to the liter in town, but up to 11km per liter on the open road.

Mechanism keeping the boot lid open is poor. Replace with gas strut as soon as you can!!!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2004