1998 Nissan Skyline GTT 2.5 I6 from UK and Ireland


Japanese Ninja Car!


Nothing major. I drive long distance to Aberdeen and down to the south of England in her, and she don't miss a beat man!

Only fault is that the wire from the turbo to the gauge in the cockpit comes loose every so often, meaning the gauge falls off. No problem though as I have an APEXI auxillary boost gauge to use as a reference instead :)

Clutch is about half-worn, but I'll get that changed next year.

Only had it 4 months but she has not let me down yet <touch wood>.

Left her stood for 3 weeks at a time and no problem on start-up.

General Comments:

IF IT'S WET WEATHER - Danger is present! If you hammer it coming out of a corner, roundabout or overtaking you can risk a tail-spin! Skylines (like many good sports cars) are RWD and I've heard too many sad tales of skyline owners getting caught out, losing the back-end and slamming into kerbs - trashing the wheels and bodykits. Slamming into cars and fields because of this.

It's got some low-end tuning mods, but still turns over 30 mpg and I get about 400 miles off a 65 litre tank if I take it easy and hold the revs at about 2800 - 3000 rpm for motorway cruising.

Performance is ferrari-esque, and handles like an F1 car.

The ride is firm, but not impractical by any means. I just steer around the big bumps if they are getting to me, which is very easy given the cars agility.

Certain parts are scarce but not impossible to find.

Hard to find parts include: windows, engine, interiors, bodywork, Stock turbos.

At worst you'll need to source them from Japan, but there are loads of parts dealers in the UK who can do this. Not so sure about the states though.

Easy (ish) parts to get are : Clutches, bulbs, brake pads and discs, turbo upgrades, fuel pumps.

Acceleration is better than be imagined, even though it is *only* the GTR version's little brother.

You get a good exhaust on her and she'll spit flames man, I know mine does!

Gears are solid.

Interior is good too, not the best but still pretty enough.

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Review Date: 5th August, 2008

1998 Nissan Skyline R34 2.5 GTT RB25 from UK and Ireland


Awesome looks and performance for little money


When Bought the car the ECU would retard the timing when it reached around 400 revs. This was due to knock sensors picking up wrong information. Also the ECU would cut out the engine on over boost which was solved with a fuel defender.

General Comments:

The car looks like the one in Fast and Furious with stripes on the bonnet etc. Because of this it actually gets as many stares as my Ferrari!!

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Review Date: 10th November, 2004

1998 Nissan Skyline GTS-R from North America


Sweetest car I've ever laid eyes on


There hasn't been anything wrong with the car, other than one of the seat belts became stuck after a while. I went to the dealership and they took care of it for me.

General Comments:

I actually would like to know why there aren't any Skylines in the U.S. I haven't ever seen or heard of them around, so I wanted to know the reason for that. If someone can email me the answer or a way to find that answer, I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is jgatherer@hotmail.com. Please be sure to put Nissan Skyline in the subject all in capitals so that I know it's not just a junk email. Thanks.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2003

1998 Nissan Skyline R33 GTR V-SPEC 2.6 twin turbo from UK and Ireland


More street cred than anything else on the road



General Comments:

This is my dream car, I have wanted one for three years and finally got it!

At first the car feels very fast and corners very tightly.

But as you get use to it, you can get in a little trouble, especially in the wet. Everybody thinks it's a skyline and you can't loose it, that's rubbish you can.

Having said the above it still puts a huge smile on your face when your doing a 105 miles an hour down country lanes.

And you can't go anywhere without being noticed. So many people stop and point, and you can see them repeat the words it's a skyline.

The only thing I want now is more power than I've got at present, which is around the 350 BHP mark.

And after this car I really want an R34, But alas no more money left boo hoo!!

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Review Date: 27th May, 2002