Skyline GT-R V-Spec 2.6 twin turbo

Ferrari or GT-R? GT-R Please!!!

250 words, UK and Ireland, 4 comments

Skyline R34 GTR 2.6 twin turbo petrol

A high performance coupe for the race car driver at hear.t

92 words, Australia and New Zealand

Skyline R34 GTR V-Spec 2.6 twin turbo six

If you can live with it driving for you, go for it!

361 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments

Skyline GT-T 2.5 Neo Valve turbo

231 words, UK and Ireland, 18 comments

Skyline GTR V-Spec 2.6 Twin Turbo

A supercar sleeper.

57 words, Australia and New Zealand, 26 comments