13th May 2002, 06:03

I think that you will find the Skyline series that was built with the RB30E had 118kW whereas the VL Commodore had a stock 114kW. This was due to a different engine management chip and a difference in the air intake system. The VL Turbos had a lethal 150kW with a Garret T03 Turbocharger. However, my Skyline will pull 120km/h in second gear whereas many tests on new at the time VL Turbo's only claim a top speed of 96km/h. Go figure hey!

9th Jul 2002, 07:49

The RB30E engine in both the Commodore and Skyline have identical power and torque outputs. The was no different ECU. The air induction system was different, but this was due to the fitment of the engine into two different bodies. There wasn't a substantial difference.

Commodores where lighter, but had a 3.45:1 differential ratio fitted to them where as the Skyline had a 3.89:1 fitted in the autos and 3.77:1 in the manual version.

Keep in mind that there where two local GTS models offered in Australia by Nissan. They where naturally aspirated, but produced 130kw and 138kw without the aid of forced induction. The Tasmanian Highway Patrol actually use these vehicals as pursuit cars for a short time!!

19th Nov 2005, 09:40

I think that it isn't fair that the Nissan skyline is band in the US. I wish it wasen't because that has been my dream car since I watched the movie 2 fast 2 furious. I loved that car and always wanted one to make look cool (well at lest put a nice spoiler on and some cool stuff).

28th May 2009, 00:35

I'm 17 and just bought an R 31 Nissan Skyline. I take it to TAFE to work on it, but every one says it's a piece of crap and that the VL would kick its ass. What do you think is all round better?

9th Oct 2009, 08:53

I'm 18 and I've got an R31, I have a friend with a VL and from what I hear he's had more things wrong with it. Not engine wise but more bodywork and stuff. They're exactly the same engine.. so if the Skyline is a piece of crap then clearly the VL is as well. The Skyline had a nicer interior too. My opinion, but I'd well prefer an R31 to a VL.

6th Aug 2010, 06:47

I am 20, and I too own an r31 Skyline.

Have not had any problems with the car. There have been many mods to the rb30, including forced induction / t28 turbo.

I find it much more responsive than the t03, and I'm squeezing an amazing 514 hp ATW with the standard auto box.

Have not had a drama with the very standard interior of the motor. The computer has been changed for the rev limiter, taking it out to 8400 rpm with standard motor. It loves it, and does not use any oil, and I'm having a hard time killing it.

I recommend this car to anyone that loves not working on their cars.

7th Apr 2011, 07:44

No comparison between R31 Skyline and the VL Commodore.

The VL is a bomb: rusts everywhere which causes water leaks into car, the door locks are useless after 5 years, cylinder head problems due to radiator sitting too low, never ending problems due to poor build quality.

The Skyline has superior build quality, therefore doesn't suffer problems that the VL has.

18th May 2016, 11:21

We have a 1990 Nissan Skyline - Great car till recently. Cold start and idle / drive is fine, however, once it heats up, it loses power and dies unless you keep revving it up - especially at roundabouts where you back off the throttle and brake to stop. It dies and will not start. Leave it sitting for 20 - 30 minutes to cool down and it starts up fine again.

Any ideas what the problem can be???

New diagnostic computers cannot diagnose due to the age of the car.