2nd Aug 2004, 00:14

In order to import the vehicle to the US legally, it must be imported though Motorex, Inc. The cost for us to legalize a car for you varies from $16,000 - $25,000, depending on the year of the vehicle. This does not include shipping, bonds, tariffs, custom brokerage fee, and associated shipping fees.

The additional cost varies as the bond cost (450% of the value of the vehicle), and tariff cost (2.5% of the value of the vehicle) varies with the value of the vehicle, also shipping can be roll on/roll off or container. Expect the other costs to be $4000 - $5000.

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13th Feb 2006, 22:23

I am not am import fan, but I must say that the Skyline is a very impressive car, and I would be pretty nervous next to one at the light. I dispise most people and their ricers, but I appreciate the people who own the true muscle machines of Japan (Skyline, Imprezza, 3000gt, etc), because these are built to go fast and look good doing it. In my eyes, these are muscle cars, despite being modern. It's the people who build up civics that I don't like. One review of a 67 GTO Judge had a guy with a 700hp civic braggin how much faster his car was. I'm sorry, but if you spent the time and money on a Skyline that you did on that civic, you'd have a 1100hp car, assuming your using pump gas. The Skyline is a beautiful car that comes from the factory ready to play, needing no mods to be insane, unless you have the balls to want more. Long live the muscle car, and thank you Nissan for ensuring it's survival!

4th Aug 2006, 03:30

If you live in Florida you don't have to pay emissions (They outlawed that back in 2000). All you have to do is get it approved by the highway patrol. They only check for basic stuff (headlights, taillights, brakes, etc...) I am trying to buy a 1999 Gt-R r34 from this guy for $5,800. With barely anything done to it. I just need to check to see how much the insurance is going to cost before I buy it.