1988 Nissan Stanza GXE 2.4 fuil injected from North America


Great cheap reliable, and comfortable car


The alternator died and has been.

Replaced. Also the Break master.

Cylinder leaked and was replaced as.

Well. It is having some problems with.

The electric part of the car, dash.

Lights, door lights, and power.

Windows. But it could be a fuse and I.

Haven't done anything about it YET.

General Comments:

It a good reliable car and is cheap to drive. It gets 30 mpg. And even though it's a four cylinder it gets up and goes.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2005

1988 Nissan Stanza 2.0 CA20D from North America


Dual sliding doors, compact size. Hey Nissan, bring it back!


Brake pads and rotors replaced at 82,000.

Alternator replaced at 84,500 miles.

Air conditioner not working at 63,000.

Engine and transmission mounts need replacing at 70,000 (old age reason)

Gas cap/sliding door safety cable bar bent and non functional at 75,000.

General Comments:

The Stanza Wagon's practical design is far more useful than any "cross over" mini wagon made today.

I do not need to fold forward the back seat in order to load a full size baby stroller, play pin, two full size suit cases, and still have room for a couple bags of groceries.

It's amazing, Nissan should bring back such a concept (and keep the sliding doors, they are so convenient).

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

16th Sep 2003, 06:50

I too have a Nissan Stanza Wagon. It's a 1988 and has had one previous owner. People make fun of the way it looks and call it a granny car, but I love my car!!! It is such a FUNctional car. I have been able to carry a large futon, and another time a three seater bench with matching two seater bench and a chair. Personally like to see Nissan produce another car like this one, only with more safety features!

9th Mar 2009, 21:38

I'm still driving my 88 Stanza wagon. 191000 miles to date. I bought it new and I have yet to find a car that can match the functionality and space. I have been checking out new cars for the past 3 years and not one can match this. I would keep it but parts are hard to find.

1988 Nissan Stanza GXE 2.0 Liter I-4 from North America


Comfortable, reliable runner


Over time, the electric window mechanisms have broken, but I was able to repair them rather than replacing them.

The transmission finally went out at 269,000 miles, but I had it rebuilt and it continues to run fine.

Replaced water pump one time (at 239,000 miles) and the timing belt twice.

Rust is finally becoming an issue here in northern Illinois, but a little mud and paint will make it look better this summer.

General Comments:

I drive this car 90 miles per day at interstate speeds, and it rides like it is floating on whipped cream.

The engine is strong and has never been opened up. Just change the oil religiously at 3,000 miles (with a can of GUNK engine flush every time) and this engine will last forever. It doesn't leak a drop of oil, and now (at 313,000 miles) burns about one-half of a quart between oil changes.

Interior remains almost perfect, and seats are comfortable with more than adequate headroom.

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Review Date: 11th March, 2003

1988 Nissan Stanza GXE Sedan 2.0 L from North America


A good bargain that is often overlooked


* Clutch replacement

* New fuel pump (the original was still in there after 165k)

* Factory tape deck died, but I wanted a CD player anyway

* AC failed due to a leak, haven't bothered to fix it

* Typical old car rattles and squeaks

General Comments:

It's a great little car. It's closing in on 200k and going strong, I don't see why it won't make it to 300k. Despite having a 97HP 4 cylinder, it performs quite nicely with the manual transmission, and it is fun to drive.

The ride isn't bad, though, and I find the seats to be comfortable in the front and the back. There is enough room for me, at 6' 5", which I can't say for many other smaller cars.

I get great fuel economy, usually about 27mpg in the summer, and 22mpg in the Minnesota winters. In the winter is always starts right up, and gets warm pretty quick, though on the cold days you have to let it warm up or it's too stiff to shift (plus you should let cars warm up anyway).

The winters have taken it's toll on the body, which is rusting in various places. The rear passenger door and driver's door seem to rust the worst on most Stanzas I have seen, though I don't know why. Despite the rust it still looks good, especially considering the miles.

The only thing I can't figure out is why Nissan didn't sell very many Stanza's. I think it's a much better car than the Honda Accord 4 cylinder, which (if you ask me) is built and handles like a cheesy economy car. I'd say it is a lot more like a 4 cylinder version of it's cousin, the V6 Maxima, and very much like the late 80's 4 cylinder Toyota Camry.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2001