1980 Nissan Sunny 120Y Coupe 1.5 from Netherlands


Funny Coupe, nice first car, forget the dealers.


1986 heating fluid leaked into cabin, rev counter failed and could never be fixed again, at speeds over 100 km/h the engine failed (mostly on the second or third lane) and only after opening the fuel cap it would restart again, the dealer could not fix this (even after 3 attempts) so I drilled a hole in the fuel cap and the problem was solved, seats started sagging.

1987 rust, rust rust everywhere, front bonnet rusted, underside of doors rusted, big holes in the boot due to rust, most could be fixed by welding and a lot of filler.

Rear lights filled with water and gear box started failing at 100.000 km.

General Comments:

This was our first car and we have good memories about it, made some great trips to Norway and Austria and we made 3 to 4 round trips from Amsterdam to Munic a year.

At high speeds (160km/h is high for this car) things got a bit scary though, the front end wanted to lift up.

The Nissan dealers where useless, we tried them both in Germany and in the Netherlands, but where ever we went they tried to rip us off and they could never find the problems we had.

We where interested to buy the new Nissan coupe in 1988 but where totally put off by the dealers, especially the way they treated us as we tried to trade in our old model (they really didn't want it on there forecourt).

So we bought a Golf II 1.8i instead and never looked back.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2003