1992 Nissan Sunny SLX 1.6 SLX from Norway


Sunshine makes me happy, as does my Sunny


Rust is eating her up.

Right headlight grew weak after 3 years of ownership (it's probably been in the car much longer)

After 4 years of ownership the power windows, windshield fluid pump and central locking stopped working (not a fuse, haven't had this checked out yet). Sunroof still works like a charm though!

Front seat screws growing weary after 16 years of people going in and out, starting to get jiggly.

General Comments:

Super car! Always starts right up independent of outside temperature (I've been the only one driving to school with a full parking lot behind me full of cars that didn't start)

90hp carries the car well, although when fully loaded with people and luggage it can get a little on the weak side.

Everything FITS in this car! I've packed it up in all ways possible and never have I had to give up and get a bigger transport! Bikes, IKEA-furniture, 3 people + snowboards and 3x luggage for a week: no problem!

(Note: I have the hatchback)

Interior is perfect even after all these years, however, the outside is really feeling the elements. Mine has rust growing in the canals and on the side of the rear quarter-panels. There is no easy fix to this so I'm just trying all I can to keep it pacified. Unfortunately this is common with all Japanese vehicles (except for those driven where they don't salt the roads) of this age so I don't expect it to live forever.

It's a sturdy companion that never gives up, gives me excellent fuel economy, keeps well on the road, has plenty of power and a crucially low maintenance cost.

I'm definitely buying Nissan next time!

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Review Date: 21st August, 2008

1992 Nissan Sunny GTi-R 2.0 4WD turbo from UK and Ireland


Truly the Son of Godzilla


To date nothing has gone wrong with the car. Hovever it is a little sluggish from cold.

General Comments:

What can I say about this car... anything you can do it can do better.

Truly blistering acceleration, and a lot of power.

With 0-60 in under 6 seconds, not a lot on the road can challenge this monster.

The interior is typical nissan, dull and grey, but who cares when you have 220bhp, 4wd and a turbo.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2003

1992 Nissan Sunny SLX 1.6 twin cam 16 valve from Iceland


Very reliable and nice...


Nothing has gone wrong really, apart from the air circulation switch, which is stuck. I have replaced all 4 shocks but it wasn't really necessary, I just want everything to be in top shape...

General Comments:

Very reliable and good looking car. I was going for the SR model which has a sporty interior and spoilers, but I couldn't find one at a reasonable price. Finally I found this one, with very low mileage so I bought it. I've put 205-50-15 tyres, nice alloys and tinted windows and now it really looks groovy. Good engine, but I really miss the fuel injection of the '93+ model. I think the fuel consumption is a bit high for a 1.6, probably due to the lack of injection.

I'm very happy with the car, but I plan on replacing it soon, probably with a Almera GTI...

These cars are so easy to resell here in Iceland, I think they have the highest resale value here, which is good. :)

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2000

1992 Nissan Sunny GTi 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Absolutely nothing in 3 years of ownership since 1996. Serviced regularly but not by Nissan main dealer. Car standard and suspension/tyres/brakes would benefit from upgrade to deal with performance.

General Comments:

Forget Golf Gti's, if you're man enough to overlook the image and tell people you drive a Sunny - you'll get a cracking car that is both reliable and (relatively) cheap to run, that'll outrun most Golf's - for a fraction of the price.

GTiR must be a blast!

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Review Date: 21st February, 1999

3rd Jan 2001, 13:11

You are right about the GTI-R. More than a blast, it is crackers. Try one - I think you'll like it!!!

22nd May 2001, 08:41

Try 4-5 grand insurance mate.

20th Jun 2001, 09:21

Dunno, I have 1 years no claims and I was quoted just over 2000 fully comp with Tescos for a GTi-R.

Gonna go look at a GTi tonight, only 1700 insurance.

Still excellent performance, but it's not 220 bhp only 143, the GTi-R is the daddy.

3rd Oct 2002, 03:47

GTI is good for what it is, and a good 1st step to the GTi-R.

There are turbo kits available, so once mine is looking the dogs, that will get slapped on to produce mega power (220bhp+). Grouped with nitrous, no-one will touch you! Insurance on this GTi is £1300 through Tesco (one ban, 21 year old), you really shouldn't pass this pocket rocket by, it's a scream, and loads more fun than the Golfs (of which I have owned 4 Gti's) and convert from VW fan!

If you have the dough, get the GTi-R, if you want to do it in stages get this and add the turbo kit later (or save for!) but you won't get the 4x4 capabilites (though who says that's any fun? :p)

11th Mar 2004, 04:03

Had a '92 sunny gti (uk model) and was thoroughly reliable.

Dropped on 17's, cone filter gave it lovely grunt. surprised plenty of people. negatives? brakes are crap, and steering also. Trying to get parts too, even though it was not an import!