1995 Nissan Sunny Sequel 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


Good for what it is, and safe to drive


New alternator at 40k.

General Comments:

Got the car as a cheap run around in 2003, paid £1400 for it, but it only had 30k on the clock and was in pristine condition bar a couple of stone chips in the bonnet.

Had a full service history as my father was the mechanic that worked on the car since it was new.

Inside was OK, but found that you would get general rattles from the head rests or centre console from time to time.

Electric windows would also have trouble going up if the window was dry, but a bit of WD40 on the rubber seal sorted that out.

For a 1.4 engine it was quite thirsty. £40 would get you about 300 miles.

Acceleration was quite good for over taking, but past 80mph it started to feel a bit light and twitchy. However a great car for what it is, and only ever had to replace the alternator, which happens doesn't it.

Have given the car to my mum now, and she really likes it, and is able to get her two collie dogs in the boot with ease. Live in Cornwall where the roads are constantly flooded or covered in mud, and this car just keeps going. The car is on about 71k now, and there's just the slight onset of rust on the rear arches, which is good living so close to the sea, and driving the car on the beach everyday with the dogs.

If I was looking for another car and saw a Sunny in good condition, I would get it, but would really have a good look over the car as I have seen some real dogs around.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2009

7th Apr 2010, 07:06

This car is AMAZING. So easy to drive. Not a fun-mobile by any means, in fact it's a very boring car. But for reliability it's been brilliant. I've had it for nearly four years, and have had absolutely no engine problems at all. Starts first time every single time in absolutely any weather. It's ancient and not pretty, but runs as smooth as anything still. The only thing I ever do is pop windscreen wash in it every so often.

Passed its NCT (Irish MOT) first time in December 2009; I'd done no prep on it at all and they are strict with the test here. The bodywork is still rust free. Had to have some welding done underneath to get it through the NCT in 2007, but I'd bought the beast in Yorkshire, and the road salting there was to blame apparently.

The interior is starting to rattle and squeak slightly, but it's only occasionally annoying, and the poor thing has taken some major hammering on these potholed north-west Ireland country roads.

Everyone who has driven it says the same thing - an ugly little car but surprisingly amazing to drive. A newer bigger car would be nice, however I am loath to part with this super reliable number that is in such amazing condition, despite the fact it hasn't really been well looked after, and will be old enough to drive itself in two years.

1995 Nissan Sunny DX or DLX 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Abused minger, faithful to the end!


This car never ever broke down despite a serious lack of maintenance and servicing. It only ever went into the garage for an MOT once a year. I never received a bill for more than £100 except on its last MOT when it needed some welding on the sills (both sides).

I never even changed the oil, and only topped it up when every 5000 miles or so the pressure light would start to flicker.

The radiator fluid never ran down.

Diesel and windscreen wash only for over 80,000 miles.

This car was properly idiot proof, and I'm a proper idiot.

General Comments:

This car was so dull that I can't recall anything about it other than I used to arrive at places with no memory of my journey. It was the most soulless rot box of a car ever. However, as time passed, and despite my lack of interest in servicing, I noticed my bank balance increasing. So slowly as we spent more time together, I grew to love the sluggish grey lump. My wife even gave her a name, Ghita.

Just as I was considering paying for a service and possibly even a new timing belt, disaster struck. The nearside back shock absorber detached itself from the rusty interior of the boot and Ghita was dead. (Fortunately I survived the incident without a blemish) I wish I'd treated her right and let our love blossom instead of abusing her for all those years. (Just once a year to the car wash might had given her another 20,000 miles)

Even in death Ghita was a winner and I received £140 scrap money.


Ran well on cooking oil (sieve the lumps out half and half with diesel).

56mpg best, 52mpg worst.

Tyres, brake pads, wipers, all dirt cheap.

Honestly: nothing ever broke!

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Review Date: 24th March, 2009

20th Jul 2009, 16:18

Agree totally. Best car ever if you just want your car to work and cost nothing.