2004 Nissan Sunny GX 1.3 from Fiji Islands




The stereo was not functioning properly. Random speakers would die, then come back on.

Annoying rattles everywhere in the car, had changed all 4 shock-absorbers, ball joints, suspension plate, and yet there was an ANNOYING rattle still coming from rear end.

Car was seriously underpowered, had to rev hard to get any good amount of acceleration out of it, it would struggle to pull up a hilly road in 4th on an empty vehicle, whereas my old 1.3 non EFI Toyota Tercel would pull nicely on the same road in 5th gear with 4 passengers in the car and the A/C switched on. For a manufacturer that makes the almighty Skyline, I never expected such a weak performer!!!

Cheap plastics used in the interior, but can't complain too much as this is the case with most newer cars.

Seats had lost their support, sponge inside had sagged, could feel the metal structure inside against my back... but the fabric on the seats were still like new.

General Comments:

Interior was nice and spacious, good head and leg room.

Large boot.

Had fitted in a POD filter air cleaner and iridium plugs, yet the 1.3l did not gain much benefit except in the fuel economy..

Sold it within 8 months of ownership, and now it is being used as a taxi...

Overall, if you are only after economy, then get this car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st May, 2010