17th Jan 2006, 14:04


I also own JX... its fine on petrol..can't run much on petrol, but convert it on CNG...1.0L really sucks on JX... its so huge for that engine... so I finally decided for bigger engine and got 1.5L same Series engine installed..believe...its run just like hell on CNG.. what a pick and what a drive this car gives after converting to 1.5L...JX was a great car since it has to be 1.3L or 1.6L..SuperSaloon comes with GA Series TwinCam Engines is like hell superb on 92 Sunny... i am happy with JX after 1.5L conversion


11th Jun 2006, 11:31

We also owned previously a Nissan Sunny 1985 DX with a 1.0 Litre engine, which was good on fuel economy, but specifically 1991 Sunny JX 1.0 IS NOT. Very hngry on gas and no power. I think the engine was not tested properly by Nissan. Bigger engine by Honda i.e. 1.3 or 1.6 liter give better fuel economy. I now own a 1.6 litre 1997 Civic LX and it gives me 15-16 KMS/litre which is much much better. I am sticking with Honda never will buy NISSAN, they just cheat, show good looking cars, but nothing under the hood that is technologically cometitive.

10th Sep 2006, 09:46

I too have a 1991 JX model. It was converted to diesel around ten (10) years back, and now the engine needs some work. Although, it's a solid Nissan CD17 engine, but now it has become underpowered due to back (oil is leaking over the manifold) in the engine. The car gets even more underpowered when I turn on the air conditioner. And it has also started to smoke heavily. None of these characteristics were there earlier. A mechanic told me that engine needs a remake with new ring-pistons and a larger bore in the engine block. He said that it will resolve the problem for five years. If anyone else has been through a CD17 engine remake, then please share your experience. How is the quality of engine parts found in local auto markets in Karachi?

19th Feb 2007, 13:13

I too have AC problems in my Nissan Sunny JX 1991 1.7D (converted). It had a wonderful compressor, but was stolen by a mechanic. Anyway, long story. Today I went to Plaza in Karachi to the original Nissan dealer and he said that he has the genuine brand new AC compressorfor CD17. But the price is Rs.17,000/= That's a lot of money, but seems that is the only solution if I am to solve the AC problem for 5-6 years. Has anyone tried the Sanden Compressor?

23rd Oct 2007, 06:04

Yes Sanden Compressor is the best compressor. I also installed in my nissan sunny 1991 JX. Cooling is superb.

14th Feb 2010, 22:55

Assalam o Alaikum.

I am going to buy Nissan JX for 265,00/-. If somebody could tell me is it good? Please also mention and give me advice; should I buy this car or not?

Please also let us know its fuel consumption on CNG.

An urgent comment would be very much appreciated.


Tariq Jameel.

4th Mar 2010, 07:34

Dear Brother:

I have just gone through all comments, most of the comments make sense and many don't. I have also got 93 JX Sunny, and it's superb from many aspects, just think you are getting Japanese feel in drive, even when it is above 100. I have touched approx 140 on Karsaz road many times, and the car's grip is perfect, no vibrations.

On the other hand, it's all true that it is underpowered, but I would say only in 1st gear, 2nd gear is not that bad, just consider it 1000 cc with excellent big body, then definitely you would love this as a family car. Parts are strong, less expensive than Honda and Mitsubishi. On petrol its drive get more improved. My car gives 120+ km on 60 kg cylinder, which I think is not bad at all. It's all about car condition; how it got maintained.

@ above person : You should go for it if its condition is good. But at 265000, I don't think the car would be perfect. Perfect well maintained Sunny JX should be around 350,000. Anyways, try your luck..

Is there any one who can suggest for 97/98 Sunny super saloon ECCS 1.4 or any other?? (I am interested to buy)