2010 Nissan Tiida from Australia and New Zealand


The bottom of the car door is sharp and sticking out:

This car has a large defect that owners should be very wary of. The bottom of the car door sticks out where you enter and exit. A friend closed that door, thinking his leg was clear, yet the sharp part of door sliced his skin. He had 7 stitches and required a skin graft.

I worry for women who use this car for their commutes - eventually there will be several casualties due to this defect.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2012

30th Jan 2014, 05:04

I totally agree, and they are just a piece of pedal power rubbish, as my friend has one and it is the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever been in. Very bad cars, if I would even call it a car.

Callum Clark