15th Feb 2007, 21:32

Front end alignment problems and worn tires are the result of tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic and driving like a jerk. Broken parts - well, no one else has had them... so what does that tell you?

25th Feb 2007, 12:39

No one else Sir?

I suggest you do your research the 04 and 05 models are riddled with all these problems and many more. I bought my 2004 LE brand new expecting a 250k ride and have not gone a full 25k without a $1500.00 + repair!

This is not what I signed up for when paying $33,333.33 for a vehicle only 2 years ago.


21st Nov 2007, 13:34

I have a 2005 SE with 33k miles. I have had more problems with that vehicle than with any other I've owned in the past 20 or so years. Your case is far from being an isolated one.

There are some people out there, mostly on forums, who have been trying to discredit Titan owners who complain. Some of them probably work for Nissan.

The fact is the 04 and 05 Titan are junk. I can't comment on the 06-08. There is no other way to put it.

Recently, there was an article on Yahoo listing, among other vehicles including one or two Nissan, the Titan as a vehicle not to purchase if one wants to drive 200k miles.

In the case of my Titan: the fuel gauge failed three times, the brakes were resurfaced three times, then replaced (front only), than a caliper locked up. The truck was in the shop for one month because spare parts were not available. Despite the brake upgrade, the vibrations are re-appearing. It fails to start as well sometimes. I don't mention the recalls because all manufacturers have them. The sheet metal work is poor. There are gaps in mine that are out of tolerance (per Nissan's own tech manual). The whole sheet metal work feels flimsy and cheap (and it is).

A friend of mine has a 2004 LE with about 125k miles. He has had numerous brake problems of course, a catalytic converter failure (the media fell apart on the one closest to the manifold), etc. Some 04, experienced rear end failures, but he did not.

I have talked to other Titan owners on occasion in parking lots. Everyone I talked to was unhappy with the product.

The power train is otherwise nice in use (powerful, smooth shifting), but that's it!

No it is not an isolated problem. Potential buyer, do yourself a favor, stay away from the 04 and 05. I am going to park mine under a sick tree the next time there is a storm in the area, hoping it'll fall on it.

As far as I am concerned, my next vehicle will not be a Nissan (or a Dodge, or a Ford either for that matter). Ditto with regards to other family members.

27th Nov 2007, 12:01

I've got a 2004 SE that I've had since brand new and the guy above me just sounds like he got a bad draw, it happens to all cars. Mine has had the brake problem, fixed on recall, and that's it, and I've got just about 70k miles on it. I've heard of a few rear-end failures, but everything I've heard had it related to improper break-in for towing (manual says 500 miles at 50mph or less when first towing).

While I wouldn't mark the truck as the top-notch in initial quality of anything I've ever bought new, 3 years later it starts up faithfully every time, gets me where I need to go comfortably, and I've had no other problems with the brakes since they were replaced 40k miles ago. Calling it junk is goofy; I've had true junk vehicles - I had an S10 brand new that the transmission was going on it by 40k miles - and this truck is heads above those.

5th Apr 2008, 15:26

I have a 2005 LE and with 36k and I've had no problems (aside from the brake recall). It blows my mind that people here don't like this truck. It makes me scared of what may happen to me once I put more miles on it. Consumer Reports also mentions the reliability issues with this truck but I haven't experienced anything negative just yet.

6th Apr 2011, 18:35

I'm sorry to hear all the negative reports on the Titan. I am a proud owner of a 04 LE Crew Cab. I took ownership of it two years ago, and haven't regretted it since.

I got it with over 70000 on it, and just now have a little over 83000.

The only thing that I have had to do to it is change the oil and fuel it up. I do need to have the brakes done on it, but that is because the last time they were serviced was at 45,000 miles.

I grew up on the auto repair business, and am quite aware of the pitfalls of owning any vehicle. You will have problems, and yes you will find lemons. But that goes for any brand, make, model, year, etc, etc... No matter what, the fact is that you will have to put money into your ride, sometimes sooner than later. So I hate to go against the grain of disliking the Titan, but I really like it.

Compared to my last truck, a 98 GMC 1500 with the 5.7, the Titan is a beast. I had nothing but problems with my GMC, but my buddy and my brother have the same year of truck, and have had no problems...

A good mechanic is worth their weight in gold. Get away from dealerships, they are a scam. They have nothing but washed up hacks or newbies for mechanics, who would rather get the issue out of their face and get their commission (pay), and move on to the next, like an assembly line. The more they do, the more they get paid. And being a big shop/dealership, it makes it easier to get business, because as the famous a saying goes, "a sucker is born every minute". Where a small ma and pop business wants you to come back, so they will take the time to fix it right the first time, and treat you with respect.

Sorry, my ranting has got me off topic.. The point is buy what you like because there will always be problems.. Just go with it, and your life will be a lot less stressful if you do!