2012 Nissan Versa SL 1.8 from North America


Absolute crap


First I had to have the front end rebuilt at 22000 kilos (warranty).

Next the heater blower motor stopped working ($800.00 plus tax); negotiated it to $600.00.

Next was the front calipers for $400.00 plus tax (I live in the country and very, I repeat very little city driving is done).

Today I was told another recall for my car was issued for the driver's air bag.

My Versa has 46900 kilos on it. Less than 30000 miles. I would never repeat never buy another Nissan again. I am in my seventies and I cannot afford these expenses.

General Comments:

I am trying to be fair in my assessment of this car; I have kept up with all maintenance with this vehicle, but to no avail. I will never own a Nissan again.

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Review Date: 27th February, 2018

16th Mar 2020, 09:59

Can I ask, did you buy this car from a used car lot and did you have a mechanic inspect this vehicle before you purchased it?

2012 Nissan Versa fully equipped from North America


Quite well put together, and even with a little bit of soul, which is rare for an econo box

General Comments:

I don't own this car, but have it at work. This car has been used as a delivery vehicle inside the city. We have very poor roads here and harsh winters.

I was surprised with this car. It has a good driving position, although there is no leg room for drivers above 6' (a 5'10" should fit OK, but not perfect). I'm 6'1" and my right knee rests against the dashboard. Rear leg room is good. Front seats are high and easy to get in and out, but lack lumbar cushion - a widespread issue in Nissan models, so the lower back hurts after sitting for 30 minutes, especially if you are a tall person.

The interior door handle is poorly designed and hard to grab, and the lock button on the handle is even worse - not easy to open the door each time.

The dashboard instruments and buttons are simple but easy to operate, the radio and climate controls are excellent, and the radio channel button is very well designed and easy to use.

The climate unit has very good hot air in winter time.

Surprisingly there is no cabin illumination when the doors open, or maybe it has failed on this car.

The side mirrors are very large which helps in traffic, while the rear glass along with the rear mirror are small and restrict rear visibility.

The CVT transmission still works on this car - not sure if it's the original one, while the engine makes a suspect rattle. There is also quite a bit of suspension knocking; probably the owner hasn't replaced worn suspension parts - a bit worrying while driving.

All econo cars under $20k need several suspension/steering parts replaced after 80k miles such as ball joints, tie rods, bushings. Keep in mind this car had the roughest life a car can get. These cars are also known to break coil springs.

The engine pulls well from a stop, but lacks power for accelerations past 30mph. A good car for city driving with decent handling, power from a stop and brakes, it even has a little bit of 'personality' in the way it drives, which is surprising and the kind of thing that makes you remember a car.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2017

5th Feb 2017, 17:34

"Surprisingly there is no cabin illumination when the doors open, or maybe it has failed on this car."

Or maybe... somebody just switched it off.

15th Feb 2017, 00:22

I didn't realize the switch was near the light in the center of the headliner.

26th Feb 2017, 18:51

OK, so the car needs now a new steering lock immobilizer module, a mere $1000 plus labor. Same issue with all Nissan cars. Turn the key, it won't crank the engine. 20 minutes later the engine starts without an issue. Some people make it move by kicking the module with a hammer. Does this a good once or twice a week. Something tells me this car is soon ready for retiring.

4th Mar 2017, 21:40

If you have this issue with the immobilizer not letting the car start, you will probably need a complete new steering lock immobilizer unit. Until then, if stranded somewhere, lift the steering column adjustment handle (left of the steering wheel) and free the steering column as you will do to adjust its height. Then keep solid the steering wheel with two hands and smash it downwards with force. May try it a few times, then try starting the car after each time. Try parking the car with the steering wheel turned either side; may help keeping the issue somehow in control.

16th Mar 2020, 22:49

Just found this review I wrote a while back. Remember I was saying there was a rattle with the engine? Well, it was a valve lifter tapping - common issue with those engines when the oil change interval is stretched or if you use cheap oil. I tried to tell to my manager about that knock - they didn't listen. Then one day I was driving up a small incline and pouf! The engine lost power, check engine light. Burnt valve. All of a sudden. Instead of replacing just the head, they swapped the whole engine with a used one. The car started drinking twice as much fuel as before. It went from 24 mpg city driving, to 12 mpg. That's when I quit that job. Moral is, if you hear a small engine tapping, try flushing with some Seafoam, maybe it will free the lifter, if not go ahead and replace the bad lifter.

19th Mar 2020, 19:06

By the way, this car is called Tiida in other countries (I know, a weird name). Search for it here on Carsurvey.