2001 Nissan X-Terra SE 4x4 V6 3.3 liter from North America


Best value in a 4x4 SUV, plenty of quality built in


Replaced tires two times now, but I am hot on the gas pedal.

Replaced a few headlights bulbs, as I drive with them on all the time.

Gas cap got caught on security cord and didn't seat right, light came on, free to correct.

General Comments:

I have enjoyed Nissan for the past 17 years, got 220,000 miles out of my D-21 V6 5-speed King Cab 4x4, then gave it to my nephew. Great vehicle, looked nearly new, no rust, great body styling.

Now, the Xterra missed a few chances to excel when they engineers decided not to put the front seat adjustments like the D-21 had for up/down and lumbar support. There is no glove box light, not a major inconvenience, but how much more would it take to place a light bulb in there? This 5 speed I bought for driving pleasure, my wife calls it my sports car, because I have so many hobbies I need the space to take things with me. Roof rack holds a bunch of stuff and easy to access. This SUV handles amazingly, using the engine for control in bad weather, I can cruise 70 mph in a nasty snow storm thanks to the excellent 4x4 performance.

I agree with earlier comments about the sunroof hatch and poor gas mileage. Otherwise, I have really enjoyed this vehicle, superb sound system, good A/C and heater, great 4 wheel performance off-road, handles well, and I cannot imagine getting this much value out a an SUV for twice the price. I am contemplating a Lexus GX-470, but for twice the price, will I get twice the vehicle or should I just get two Xterras? Interesting.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2005

19th Aug 2007, 20:37

I do not recommend driving at 70MPH in 4wd unless you'd like to blow your entire drive train up.

27th Jan 2009, 09:59

If he's driving with it in 4 lo, then yes I would have to agree, but 4 high go nuts!!

2001 Nissan X-Terra XE 6 hp gas from North America


Great for Canadian winters



General Comments:

I need a dependable vehicle with four wheel drive for our Canadian winters. The Xterra has served me very well the past two years. It has ample power to climb the hill to my house in ice and snow. It is just the right size for me and not too fancy that I have to worry about the dogs that usually accompany me. It is certainly much easier on gas than the Silverado truck I drove previously.

My only complaint is the front seats. They are not as comfortable as they could be and I would prefer that they were power. But after all the kilometers I put on the vehicle, I guess they can't be too bad. It handles nicely on these winding roads and I have been able to avoid colliding with the many deer along the way.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2003

2001 Nissan X-Terra 3.3 V6 from North America


A dependable truck with absolutely no power


The window mounts for the electric windows have broken on both front windows and the rear driver's side window. All were repaired under warranty, but the parts were on back order. Possibly a sign of a recurring problem.

General Comments:

My wife loves this car and refuses to part with it.

The truck has approximately 170HP, with the low gearing and weight of the vehicle this doesn't add up to a good driving experience. I wouldn't even attempt to tow anything.

I like the interior setup and the added height of the rear seats.

The handling is nothing spectacular, but adequate for an SUV.

Excellent turning radius, better than my sports car.

Phenominal ground clearance, although I've never had the urge to take it off road.

Horrible gas mileage. This is my biggest complaint about the vehicle. It's obvious that the truck is underpowered, so I can't figure out how it gets near 15 miles per gallon without pulling anything.

I'd consider buying another one if the manufacturer adds significant power or does something about the gas mileage. I'd happily pay for the gas if only there was something to show for it.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2003

29th Jul 2004, 01:23

Update: Now (July '04) have almost 70K miles on this truck and have had no further problems... but the gas mileage is still horrible. Would be nice if they could get the curb weight down a bit on these models, the '04 models really don't have any improvement in performance and still suck up gasoline.

2001 Nissan X-Terra SE S-C 3.3 V6 SOHC Supercharged from North America


Slow and heavy on gas!


Nothing much! Just the ordinary (brakes, sounds, etc.)

General Comments:

This Sports Utility Vehicle eats your wallet up! It has 210 HP. But it moves extremwly slowly!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

29th Jan 2003, 16:49

If the X-Terra is heavy on gas, then why is the running cost rated a 9 out of 10 where a higher number number indicates cheaper?

5th Sep 2003, 14:54

I agree! Shouldn't it be more of a 6 or 7?

20th Jul 2006, 02:03

If your previous car was a Hummer H1, you shouldn't be complaining of Xterra's fuel consumption.