2006 Nissan X-Terra 4.0 from North America


Honest, real-world MPG from a quality SUV


U-joint needed replaced prior to end of manufactured 60k miles.

Front brakes & rotors at 60k.

New tires at 60k.

General Comments:

Quick, reliable, and quiet.

The wife likes driving this SUV, as it sits higher than her previous car. She also likes the heavier feel, as it's 4x4. My 2005 Nissan Frontier 4x2 is too light in the back, and dangerously light-ended in rain, etc.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2011

2006 Nissan X-Terra S 4.0 from North America


The auxiliary equipment in the Xterra in my opinion did not meet my expectations


Leaking rear shock at 21,645 miles.

Nissan emblem decal in front overhead deflector pealing off at 21,645 miles.

Service light for a bad fuel sending unit. Replaced sending unit at 48,458 miles.

A/C went out due to a bad manifold pressure hose at 41,093 miles.

A/C went out again at 51089 miles due to a leak in the A/C condenser.

General Comments:

The rear shock leak and the decal pealing off was when vehicle was still under warranty. It was after the 3 years, 36,000 miles when I started having expensive problems with this vehicle.

The bad fuel sending unit was later a recall item; thank goodness for that.

The real problem that I have had with this vehicle is the A/C. At 41,093 miles it developed a leaking hose. Why they use a hose with clamps on an A/C unit is a little hard to understand. That cost me nearly 600.00 to get fixed at the Nissan dealership.

Then a year later, the A/C went out again, and this time it was the condenser that developed the leak, costing 800.00 at the Nissan dealership. I have never taken this vehicle out to climb hills or to do any offroading. I am afraid to think of the problems that may have developed if I had.

The people at Nissan are understanding and helpful. The product is not what I expected, and I would NOT buy another Xterra. I miss the perks that I had with my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2011

2nd Jan 2013, 00:48

All pretty minor complaints.

2006 Nissan X-Terra S 4.0L V6 from North America


Built very well


Hard turns are a little unstable, but I bought it used. Also, although I like the stadium seating, the back seats are a little stiff and uncomfortable on long trips.

General Comments:

Great value, can be driven just about anywhere, I really enjoy it.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2011

2006 Nissan X-Terra Off-Road from North America




Nothing. Thank you Nissan!

General Comments:

I have always owned Japanese, but for some reason last year I thought it would be a good idea to get a Land Rover. What a mistake! Once I got used to the dependability, comfort, and performance of a Nissan, going to the Land Rover was like moving to a third world country where nothing works.

I got rid of my Land Rover and test drove 3 4x4s: Toyota FJ Cruiser, X-terra, and Toyota Rav. I had my heart set on the FJ Cruiser, but when I drove the X-terra nothing else came close. Visibility was 1000% better than the FJ, and the X-terra handles like a car. Supposedly the older X-terras were lacking in power. Not so with my 2006--the thing leaps forward if you breathe on the accelerator pedal.

The interior controls are nothing fancy--it's basically 3 controls in the middle and a radio. But it's nothing gimmicky either, they're more utilitarian than I've ever felt in other models. Nissan evidently spent time thinking about this car design--for example, they've put a step into the rear bumper to allow you to step up to reach the roof rack. It's a lifesaver! Another example--the back of the rear seats and the rear storage area are plastic. When you fold the seats down, which takes 5 seconds to do, you have an entire plastic bedded storage space where you can throw wetsuits, skis, dirty dogs, etc. and can be cleaned with a wet towel.

The truck rides nice and high so you don't scrape, and my off-road model has nice shocks that make driving over bumpy dirt roads a breeze. The only less than stellar thing about the x-terra is the mileage, but I don't drive during the week so it's not a concern for me. When you factor in the lack of hassel you will have with this car, it's still cheaper than many competitors.

I just can't say enough good things about the X-terra. It's not sexy, and there's nothing that's overly cool about it. But it just makes sense.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2006

30th Nov 2006, 21:37

This review is good, but it sounds an awful lot like a paid-advertising review to get people to buy their products.

5th Dec 2006, 11:10

Great review, could agree more. They are awesome vehicles. Everyone I have talked to who owns them loves them. One thing I think you did get wrong is you said they weren't sexy. I think they are more sexy than any other vehicle out there!!!