24th May 2004, 14:57

2002 Nissan X-Trail Sport 2.2Di.

Good Points: The six-speed gear box in the 2.2 diesel (112bhp) version is great on long voyages saves a lot of diesel. The panoramic sunroof comes in basic models, which gives you a light airy cabin. The modern seats are more than comfortable in the sport model. Large 16" alloy wheels come optional on standard models and basic on sport models. Climate control comes standard on the sport model its very easy to work. Electric windows all around including sunroof. The four wheel drive system is great for towing. The rear ski hatch in sport models is useful. There are storage facilities in the ski hatch and an arm rest for comfort. There is a six disc CD changer and cassette player in the sport model cassette player comes standard on all models. Four airbags in the sport model. Two can cool boxes in the front of the sport model. The rear spoiler is a great feature. Six speakers in sport models. Drilled foot pedals in the sport model. Polypropylene wings are a good finish.

Bad Points: A noisy diesel engine can be annoying when starting up. The exhaust sits rather low. The seats are very easy to stain in the sport model. Lids on the fridges seem weak.

8th Jun 2004, 09:35

I have Australian spec model Xtrail Ti-l 2004 2.5Lt, I don't Know why they don't supply the same spec car there, but I will tell you that the 2.5lt 132kw has plenty of power. In the wet I put it in the 4x4 auto mode and when taking off it will leave many cars for dead.

29th May 2010, 05:58

I also have the 2.0 litre SE+ and thought there was a problem with overtaking and was sluggish uphill, until I realised in these situations you just have to turn off the overdrive. The Overdrive restricts speed and acceleration, because it is built in for fuel economy. Switch it off and you have quite a pocket rocket when over taking, and plenty of power going up inclines. The button you have to depress is situated on the gear leaver itself. You will notice a massive difference when this is done, believe me. This then will give you access to the full potential of this cracking SUV. I would say it is the best overall in its class. Remember to press it back in once you have overtaken or passed that incline to save on fuel and go back into economy mode.