1980 Oldsmobile 442 Calais 350 from North America


It's the most rare of all my cars


I got it from a tow yard for $250 because the engine had a rod knocking. I didn't know what I had, at first. Until I looked it up online. I was like YEAH! Score!!!

Anyway, in '80 they built 886 W-30 442's, 346 of which are like mine, White and Gold. Pretty rare car. Pictures can be seen at myspace.com/HotRods442

I've modified a few things, like, I installed '94 Bonneville SSEI seats front and rear; way more comfortable than the stock seats.

For the time being, until I can afford to rebuild an early Olds 350, I'm running a strong 4 bolt Chevy 350 I got for free. I have some of the parts to change over to a 5 speed manual tranny, still need a bell housing and T-5.

General Comments:

I love it, handles pretty good for a 3200 lb brick... Actually, this is the longest I've ever taken to do a car, usually have them mint in a couple years. Because of funding issues, this one's still not halfway done. 11 years, mind you...

I finished one of my '72 Opel GT's in less than 6 months, complete rebuild, paint, everything...

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Review Date: 16th July, 2011

1987 Oldsmobile 442 305 from North America


Can be better than it was built


So far Nothing has gone wrong with the car, Know that I can afford it, I always thought this car was under powered for its preformance. It can power brake, but I think it can do better. I have bought a 455 cubic inch big block motor for it, also I have had a custom 700R4 made to fit this motor and mount up nicely to this mounts.

General Comments:

If you want sound out of a 305 I would recomend headers and 3 inch exhaust with no converts or mufflers.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2005

2nd Apr 2008, 20:38

I agree with the no muffs/cats comment... I had an 82 Delta with the 307, that thing was definitely the most Irate sounding straight pipe car I've ever heard! Look on youtube... I think there's one on there with straight exhaust.. Definitely not bad.

1985 Oldsmobile 442 /Cutlass 307 Cubic Inch (5.0 Liter) from North America


Sharp, Quick, a BLAST to drive with the tops off! A real head turner. A Piece of American History


Bad Connecting Rod Bearing at 135,000 - intentionally purchased vehicle with this problem.

Door Hinge Pins bushings worn out. Doors sag. Needs Replacement.

Dealer Installed T-Tops Leak like a sieve.

Blew a rear brake line.

General Comments:

Like all my other Oldsmobile's, this car is a one-of-a-kind. A real head turner.

One of 3,000 "442" models built in 1985.

Originally came with 307 (5.0 liter) but bad rod bearing gave me the opportunity to replace that with a 350 Oldsmobile Engine (5.7 liter) mildly worked.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2005

1987 Oldsmobile 442 5.0 liter High Output V8 from North America


A unique, good looking automobile with the performance to match


Intake manifold gasket leaked at 284,000 miles.

Water pump leaked at 394,000 miles.

General Comments:

Only prevailing annoyance is that the rear axle howls at various speeds.

Original paint is very lacquer checked.

Original interior is still very nice and comfortable.

I replaced the original engine at 488,000 miles with a General Motors rebuilt long block engine of the same specific model (V.I.N. code 9), no problems yet on new engine.

This car is extremely fun to drive for an enthusiast. I would never consider selling it, but might buy another one.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

1979 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst Olds 5.7 from North America


1979 Hurst Olds


Everything, its 25 years old!

I rebuilt the engine and transmission.

Currently redoing the suspension.

Interior need re-upholstering.

Minor floor rust.

Very low GM build quality.

General Comments:

I bought this a my daily driver in high school.

A 1979 Hurst Olds is one of only 2499 built.

Has the 350 cubic inch olds engine with the turbo 350 3 speed automatic transmission.

I rebuilt the engine and bumped horsepower up to 300.

I rebuilt the transmission and put a b&m shift kit and 2800 stall converter.

Next I will be replacing the springs and sway bars with Hotchkis performance products and Edelbrock shocks.

I will also replace all the bushings with new polyurethane bushings.

Right now it has a limited slip rear end with 2.73 gears. This will be changed to 3.42 gears to better suite the added power and transmission upgrade.

Once all that is complete, the seats will be redone and the body will be repainted.

My brother and I are doing this ourselves which is keeping costs down.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2004

30th Apr 2005, 10:21

Correct me if I am wrong (I am not in any way an expert on the history of these cars), but I thought 442 stood for four barrel, four on the floor, dual exhaust. Obviously, the four barrel was eventually superseded by fuel injection (rightfully so), but I am surprised to hear yours has a three speed. I really like the old Olds', but again, I am hardly an expert on their history. If anybody wants to give me a history lesson on these vehicles, I am all ears.