1991 Oldsmobile 88 Royale 3.8 from North America


Comfortable and reliable, with good power


So far I have done nothing to this car, and it has needed nothing. I gave it an oil change when I first got it; that was it.

General Comments:

I like this car a lot. For those of you who know, the Bonneville and LeSabre are really the same car as the Olds. I really wanted one of those, but I settled for the Olds; I do not regret it. It is a very comfortable car, and drives extremely smooth.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2012

1991 Oldsmobile 88 Royale 3.8 V6 from North America


Buy this if you have the opportunity. Do not expect to find replacement body panels!


Total brake system overhaul.

Seat was ripping apart somewhere along the way without substantial abuse.

Passenger door seal fell into car when entering 85% of the time.

Dash opening does not allow installation of an aftermarket radio.

Once mice and rats are in, they don't come out, even with poison, heat, cold, or the ultrasonic infomercial device.

General Comments:

I tore the poop out of this car, and also did just about everything I could to destroy it. VERY solid car considering it was made after the last real car with a frame came out in the 80's.

I did burnouts, hit things, jumped curbs, and shifted from reverse to drive and back countless times without stopping. Even when a friend grabbed the radio controls on the highway, and I slapped his hand, which accidentally pushed the shifter to "R", after pulling over and cranking the starter, everything worked again perfectly.

Nice and roomy, makes for a great and comfortable riding experience.

Not made for mudding, but will manage dirt roads with the greatest of ease. It has been airborne too many times... well once is too many, but it still goes.

This is the last American durable, reliable, all-around average (which makes it great) car for a teenager. 210k and on its last legs. Would have made it to 300k if I hadn't driven it like NASCAR and off-roading combined.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2008

3rd May 2009, 20:47

No he was right, the last real car was this Olds 88, Ford doesn't make a real car and never will.

1991 Oldsmobile 88 from North America


Great Car!!!


Nothing!!! I bought this car back in April and I just love it. I can't believe it doesn't have any rust and low miles despite it being a 1991. I think it spent most of it's time parked in a garage. Even the interior looks like new. This car is in excellent condition.

General Comments:

This is the best car. It's very comfortable and fun to drive. It glides down the road like you're on air. My model features the driver information center and the electronic climate control. The driver information center is very useful. It shows everything from the date to the oil life. It also has a built-in trip computer. This car also has great power. The V6 3.8 liter engine has all the power you can handle. I'm a college student and the trunk has plenty of storage room for all of my stuff.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2005

1991 Oldsmobile 88 3.8 liter V6 from North America


Low key sedan with plenty of power


Original owner parked the Olds 88 on a gravel driveway during the winter months when he was in Florida, which caused all the fuel and brake lines to rust out.

Purchased for $600 after hail damage occurred. I got the car with no brakes and dripping gas under the rear driver's side. Mechanic tried to talk me out of putting money into it, but I went ahead anyway (I believe now he wanted me to walk away and leave him the car) now I know why.

General Comments:

I love this car. The 3800 V6 rocks and on wet pavement will brake loose if you gun it at around 20 mph.

I put $3000 into a $600 car because I heard great things about the 3.8 V6. I'm 220 lbs and the driver seat fit's perfect + feels like I'm on a sofa. This low key sedan will not get much attention, until you pass the car which attempted to take you.

Long live the 1991 3.8!!!

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Review Date: 17th June, 2004

11th Nov 2004, 01:46

I also own a1989 and a 1991 Olds touring sedan and I love them, the 1989 with the factory wide 16 in tires and FE3 suspension holds the road best, but the larger1991 & up bigger bodied ones ride a bit softer, their a great car, Monty.