8th Aug 2008, 20:10

You have a valuable collector's car there. Don't use it as a daily driver!

13th Aug 2008, 09:48

Re: Comment 1, you are right about any car being garage kept and well maintained lasting a lifetime. You can keep one alive if you let it sit outside too but it takes a lot more work. My car was outside until it was restored in 1976. The top was faded as was the paint and there were a few rust spots. However, the car was still solid even after 21 years fighting the elements.

RE: Comment 2, You are right about the reliability of the cars. My car was NOT driven gently prior to 1972. The guy who owned it before me loved to drive it fast. His wife drove it hard too but she was the reason that he had it in the first place. The second owner told me that he and his wife were passing an Olds dealership one day and saw the car sitting on the used lot. Apparently the original owners bought it in New Jersey and shortly after moving to Florida in 1960 the husband passed away. The wife couldn't figure out how to lower the top so she traded it in on a new hardtop Olds. The second owner's wife saw it and talked her husband into buying it. The sale price was negitiated to $600.00! It turned out to be a pretty good investment because I paid a little more than that in the 1980s when I bought it.

Comment 3: I don't use it as a daily driver but absolutely would if it was my last car. It will, by the way, be the last one I sell!

7th Jun 2013, 21:46

My father had one when I was a kid in the late 50s until I think 1964. It was one of my favorites, and I knew it would be a classic even when I was 5 years old or less. It was the 2 door coupe, red and white two tone. Sometimes it had fender skirts, which I thought was cool. My father eventually left them off, because they were a pain in the ass to put on after changing a tire.

The car met its demise when the axle broke when turning into a parking lot.