1971 Oldsmobile 98 LS 7.4L gasoline from North America


Safe, comfortable, and reliable


My mother drove it without oil and roasted the engine. She was singing away in the car and didn't realize it, she isn't too sharp.

The seats were showing some wear in the front. That is not Oldsmobile's fault though, it is just because of sloppiness on our part. My grandpa always had a carrybeaner with his keys on his belt and those probably cut into the seat.

We had the car repainted because it was parked outdoors usually, until we moved. The Maaco paint really blew and started to chip.

The exhaust was replaced. The car seamed to be pretty hard on exhaust systems.

General Comments:

My mother bought it from her parents in 1973. They bought the car new in 1971. It never let me or anyone else down.

The engine made about 320 horsepower from a 7.4, or was it 7.5? 455 Oldsmobile rocket engine. The car wasn't fast, but it had enough power.

The turning and handling was like any big car from the seventies, very poor, but ultra easy to drive.

The car had an excellent ride, but newer suspensions and technology advances have made newer cars ride better. The suspension on this car, even when new, failed to smooth out some of the road's harshness. It was usually the medium sized potholes and such. Bigger objects and bumps were fine and the car would bounce right over them.

The seats were supportive for an old car, but they would creak because of the springs in them. I always felt like if I sat in the back seat, one of the springs would stab me.

Plenty of legroom at all four corners.

Gas was the only thing this car used a lot of. It isn't the cheapest car to run, but it is safe and fun to look at. It probably got about 7-8 mpg.

This car always did good burnouts. I could leave a 30 foot patch with this car.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2004

10th Jul 2005, 15:17

All the old memories have come back! From 1984 to 1988 a '71 Olds 98 LS was my main transportation. Light green with a dark green top and interior. All of your comments are true to my car also. I also remember that the back of the front seat had a clock for those riding in back, a nice limousine-like touch. The car also had that unique Oldsmobile v8 rumble that was exclusive to them. The only recurring problems I had was the Quadra-Jet carb getting goofy and electrical demons-that is what ultimately did the car in. After it burned out the dash wiring, a kid up the street bought the car for the motor, and now here in 2005 that same 320 h.p. 455 is still powering his 1972 Cutlass!