5th Sep 2003, 22:12

1970 Oldsmobile did not have a (what was considered to be a rocket engine) rocket engine. It was a high-performance 455 and we could not use regular gasoline. Ours was forest green with a black vinyl top, green interior with damask seat covering, tinted windows and fender skirts. We almost had every option we wanted, we forgot about cruise control and we told them to leave off the gold pin striping. It was a beauty. On one of our road trips we were cruising at 110 across the desert between Las Vegas and Reno. A Utah cop was coming up fast, my husband said, "Oh well, it doesn't make much difference now" and slowed to 100, the cop flew around us and waved.

It was also clocked at 84 in a quarter, now bad for a big green machine. I loved the car and I would love to have it back to restore.

11th Feb 2004, 18:54

I have a 1968 olds 98ls with the 455 rocket. The car is great to drive, but adding the lead to the fuel, lots of fuel, is a downfall. It had 38000 miles when I bought it, everything is original except brakes and exhaust. Car is in great shape, I bought it from a man in California. It was his wifes car since it was new, it was her grocery and church car. She passed away years ago and it's been stored in a garage ever since. No rust, but the California sun took it's toll on the lacquer paint so it's a little faded. Wish they still made cars like that.

4th Jun 2004, 07:10

I once owned a 1970 Olds 98 two-door sedan. It sounds a lot like the car described above. It had power everything and dual sofas to lounge on. Just touching the accelerator pedal with my big toe would take the car to its favorite speed of about 45 mph. It had a working AM radio, and I installed a modern tape-deck under the front bench (so as not to spoil the dash). All the same, I seldom switched either of them on, because the thrum of the big block power plant under the hood was all the music I wanted. The car developed a few minor problems over time, but I redoubled my maintenance efforts and nothing critical ever broke. Alas, I moved to Europe in 1993, and was forced to sell the car (purchase offers were a regular occurrence for the entire time that I owned my Ninety-Eight). One last memory: After being away for almost 4 years (!!), I inflated the tires and jump-started the car for one last week or so together before the sale was to occur. After the battery was recharged I had gone for a swim at the local community center. When I came out I inserted the ignition key, and naturally gave it just a quick flick, as I had always done to start the motor humming. It was just old habit, but I was absolutely amazed that the car immediately sprang to life, as ever. That made me realize what a gem I was about to lose. It may sound absurd, but I miss that car.

25th Jun 2004, 14:00

I recently bought a 1970 Olds 98 convertible on the sight unseen from a dealer on the Internet. I've had my share of problems being a Midwest car, but the paint was new and the original interior is excellent. I since put about 3,000 miles on the car in the last 6 months, and I love this car! It will spin the tires from a stoplight with just a quick jab of the accelerator. I've passed everybody going uphill on the freeways and around town. This car will cruise at 90 all day with a full load and the A/C on. I get requests all the time to sell my gold convertible, but no way. I had a '64 98 Holiday Sedan back in high school. I love these big Oldsmobile's. Very reliable, powerful and comfortable.

25th Jun 2006, 09:11

I just went to look at a 1968 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 with the infamous 455 rocket, the car has rust in the bottom part of it, but for 600$ canadian, I am seriously thinking about buying it! The engine still purrs like a kitten and the mileage is 116000 miles. On top of that, it is a 2 door car, what a beast and the fast back is slick looking! I live in Winnipeg MB CANADA.

15th Aug 2006, 13:05

I have a 1970 Oldsmobile 98 convertible with around 40,000 original miles on it that I am trying to sell. If anyone is interested please contact me at whamin86@aol.com.

3rd Sep 2006, 16:20

I have a 1970 Oldsmobile 98 LS, that has been in my family since new. It has 101,000 original miles. That rocket 455 is unreal. In 1991, I was clocked at 142 mph and did not have the pedal to the metal. Just got too nervous at that speed, especially since it was running on Bias-ply tires. This car has a trailer option with a low ratio rear-end, transmission cooler and heavy duty suspension. It pulled a 26' Airstream Land-yacht for 96,000 of those miles. This car was custom built for my Dad to pull his trailer, and thus has some unusual features. It was loaded with all options except power windows and power door locks (?), I still don't know why it was ordered that way. The other curious thing, is that I think it visited a Chev or Pontiac factory prior to delivery to my Dad as it has two (yes two) factory installed four barrel carburators, and gets 6 miles to the gallon. The car is gold with a white vinyl roof, and when not on the road is always garaged.

22nd Sep 2006, 09:44

I bought a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible on October 29, 1969- It was my main car for six years- It now has 93000 miles on an engine that has never been touched except for valve cover gaskets. The body was restored 15 years ago- They replaced the fenders and repainted it the original light green color. It runs like new- It has been 100% garaged and driven about 500 miles a year since the 1980's- I love it, but it takes up a lot of garage space- Make me an offer I can't refuse--712-947-4000.

13th Mar 2007, 21:40

Hello Oldsmobile lovers! I am looking for a 1970 Oldsmobile ninety eight luxury sedan. My dad had one when I was growing up and now I want my kids to experience a car like no other. If anyone out there has a '70 98LS in green, blue, brown or black with black vinyl hardtop, drop me a line and let's talk. Serious sellers only. Of course low miles and great condition will get top dollar. All the best to you ninety eight sedan lovers.


13th Mar 2007, 21:44

Hey it's Ren again. I forgot to give my email address. It's rennie312@yahoo.com. Anyone with a 1970 Oldsmobile ninety eight luxury sedan for sale. Feel free to email me.

5th Apr 2007, 11:55

I am looking at a 1972 Olds 98 with about 70K original miles. Spotless/flawless white leather interior. Garaged it's whole life!! Vinyl top is in great shape as well. It has the 455 Rocket and runs very good. I think I can get it for $1000. Am I robbing this guy blind? What is a car like this worth? No visible rust!