21st Jul 2006, 05:38

Mike B. a very long history, but I enjoyed every second of it. I too own a 1990 Oldsmobile 98 and share many of the same problems, headaches, and joys of the car. I swindled mine off of an old lady across the street. Garage kept, back seat never used, and only 38,000 miles on it for the low low cost of $1000. Many long college road trips later and 130,000 miles it is still running strong and I plan on keeping it another 100,000 miles if it will last. Mine is blue with blue interior and dark tinted windows. I swear everyone stares when I drive by and I have gotten countless compliments for I keep it extremely clean. All my friends call it the pimp mobile. Good luck with your other cars Mike B. ~Ronald S.

27th Jul 2006, 08:44

I thank you for your informative story, and I think that my pending purchase of an '82 will be well looked forward to. I will be sure to make note of all of your problems to my mechanic, and hope that I will have a story likely your's, but hopefully a bit less eventful! Will it still be considered a PIMP car when a petite young woman is behind the wheel? I think my car will be a great classic, and one day yours will too! thank you for all of your advice.

3rd Dec 2006, 09:15

Mike I really enjoyed your saga.

I too own that exact model. Not near as many probs yet.

Your dad is a very patient and apparent good guy. You sure have some high maintenance (travel miles) friends. Didn't any of them have their own transportation? < g >

Please tell me a little more about the cam sensor problem, did your dad have to open the engine to fix the dropped magnet? Did he have to replace the cam?

Also that tranny can be overhauled and often is. Between 1000 and 1700 dollars usually. Parts are readily available.

Steering column work is one of GMs dirtiest little tricks ever perpetrated on the American public.

Was the switch itself $250? Even with your dad's discount? Sheesh

Sure wish this site would let us link together for e-mail.

Anyhow thanks for your great story.

29th Dec 2006, 21:54

Mike, this is a great story, I loved every word. I can't exactly say my Oldsmobile Alero will ever have any of the same problems as your 98 did, other than being an Oldsmobile. But yet this story reminds me of the story my parents once told me about their 1986 Oldsmobile 98. They said that 2 weeks after they bought it they needed a fuel pump replaced. It took 1 year and 7 fuel pumps later for them to realize the car wasn't worth the hassle, and bought an '88 Taurus wagon for my newborn sisters. I just hope I can publish a story like this one, good luck with whatever car your driving now. PS- What happened to your '87 Cutlass Salon? Do you still have it? ~Dan L.

25th Jul 2007, 14:56

I've been a mechanic for about 12 years or so. I'm surprised to hear about the many problems you had with your Olds. However, you did put on a lot of miles in the short time you owned it. The 3800 V-6 engine that your car had in it has to be one of the best engines ever put into an automobile. I have yet to see one wear out prematurely. They used that engine in Buicks, Pontiacs, and of course Olds. I have seen them with 250,000 miles on them. You can't ask for longer life out of a 20+ year old design. About as powerful as a V8 and the fuel mileage of a 4 cyl. I think you should have found another GM with a 3800 instead of going to the Eagle.

Any way, thanks for the great story. As much as you complained about that car I can tell you really loved it. take care... Jeff P.

7th Oct 2007, 14:20

I love reading your story, I laughed must of the time, because I also Own that exact car, but my is Navy blue and has all the options including power sunroof which is great when driving down the interstate or city riding... I love my car as much as you loved yours. I bought my about 14 years ago and I have the same feelings toward the car, I even talk to it, my car have seen me laught, cry, sing even pray to God. if my car were to talk, it would tell my whole life... the only problem that I am facing at this time is the transmission, is slipping, it has a hard time shifting gears, but still drive smooth in the highway... I am gonna try to have the fluid pump replaced and hope this will fix it. I'm having a hard time getting rid off it. at this time it has 198,000 miles and still going... with the engine, No major troubles, I am very happy with my Oldsmible Regency 98 Brougham... these cars were WELL BUILT... Thanks...TopSound, VA.

9th Nov 2007, 19:06

I've enjoyed reading these various stories on 1990 Olds Regency Broughams which helped influence by decicion to purchase one a month ago with only approx 50k miles on it. I say approx because one of it's quirks that I have yet to solve is an intermittently functioning speedometer. The former Olds dealer has tested the VSS (sensor) and then replaced the ECM and now wants to tackle the "cluster", speedometer itself. I'm not convinced that anyone does anything more than "replacement repair" anymore... all geared towards warranty work. Little if any diagnostic/trouble shooting. Anyway, I've spoken with a specialty auto electric shop who agrees that the symptoms (erratic operation, influenced by other electrical devises/switching on&off in the car) indicates some type of grounding problem... trouble is..where to begin to find that problem. Whether coincidentally or not... the radio had also failed and been replaced with the incorrect unit prior to my acquiring the car. I'm also puzzled about the headlight on/off dash switch unit that doesn't seem to have any "backlighting" for night visibility. Does anyone know if that was the case or is something wrong here? Asside from a few of these frustrations it seems to be a pretty fine older car and I look forward to lots of smooth sailing once these bugs are conquered. Thanks.

7th Jan 2008, 06:14

I've been reading over your story and earlier, just tonight my 1999 Alero died on me. I was on the interstate and I had just done maintenance on it, it was running fine, had a few problems, but I attributed it fuel injection, I was going to get it looked at as soon as I got a chance. However, while driving all of a sudden the speed dropped drastically and although I could push the RPM's the speed didn't budge. I finally got out of the long stretch I was on and found a familiar exit. After restarting it 4 times and going up a hill at 20 mph max I got to sit in the dark and fog at a gate of my dad's workplace. My parents came to get me and we pushed the car in, all seemed well. It smelled and sounded like the catalytic converter had gone out. But I noticed something even worse. My stock bumper was cracked it looked like someone has rammed it with the corner of a car, but it had just been sitting for about 4 days untouched and without incident. Upon closer inspection I discovered black stringy rubbery stuff (best description I have) melted onto the bumper apparently coming from the exhaust pipe.

Any clue what it could be?