1998 Oldsmobile Achieva S 6-cylinder ?? from North America


It's aight.. but nuttin special


Well, this may not be Oldsmobile's fault, but when I got the car it had a quite a few kinks. The brakes started grinding so I took it in for new brake pads, or so I thought. I got stuck with close to a thousand dollars in repairs. And, I don't know about earlier models, but the 98 Achieva is equipped with a sensor that automatically turns the headlights on when it's dark outside. Well, this sensor didn't work too well. Had some kind of switch replaced twice, and finally it works. The low coolant light currently comes on every month or so. I've just been filling it back up, but there's obviously a leak somewhere. With slightly less than perfect tires, the car is awful at high speeds and not so good with them. The motors for all four of my automatic windows seem ready to die any second, and have, once or twice, experienced brief black outs. Maybe it's not that bad, but man... all I can tell you is that I sure miss my Camry.

General Comments:

I'm sorry, but I doubt GM's ability to make a good, solid economy car. The Achieva, for its size, is quite a gas guzzler. I wouldn't buy it again.

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Review Date: 10th August, 2002

31st Jul 2003, 15:29

I disagree with the review. While my Achieva has its quirks too (like the check engine light coming on when the under carrage gets wet, which lasts about 2 days). I have found the car to be very reliable. Perhaps I got one of the "good ones", but all and all it's a solid driver. The LS features are nice and I agree in part that my rear window motors are slow, but the fronts work. Overall I am very pleased with my Achieva.

1998 Oldsmobile Achieva 3.1L V-6 from North America


Stylish, fun to drive sedan


Driver's side door panel loose (fixed under warranty).

Have replaced the front brake pads twice, only had the car for a year.

Tape player ran fast(fixed under warranty).

General Comments:

Great looking vehicle.

The brakes seem a little cheap, but if you get your first set done with lifetime warranty, then who cares? They replace the pads free over and over again.

Great acceleration, would buy again if they made 'em.

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Review Date: 20th December, 2000

1998 Oldsmobile Achieva LS from North America


When it runs, or isn't in the shop, it's OK


Evaporator solenoid had to be replaced within 2 months of purchase. Struts had to be replaced before it was 3 years old. Driver side door panel was replaced and is still loose. Air compressor makes a loud noise when the car starts, I'm just waiting for it to fall out.

Currently, the car won't start. A mechanic has had it for 11 days and can't figure out what's wrong with it. It just won't start.

General Comments:

I can understand why Oldsmobile quit making the Achieva!!

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Review Date: 26th June, 2000

29th Jan 2001, 01:56

I am looking at buying a 1998 Achieva. Do you think that I should? I would like to know, it is at a dealership and after reading your statement I am nervous?

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19th Feb 2009, 12:42

I have a starter issue on my 1998 Olds Achieva - if you turn the ignition it does not make a sounds so nothing is working - but I found out that if I hold the key all the way forward for a 1/4 of a minute or so it starts - also if you wiggle the wires front neer passenger window after a few seconds it starts no problem.