28th Dec 2004, 11:10

I have a 2002 alero GLS. I had the steering shaking when slowing down and was detected as a rotor problem. Had it changed.

There is a play in the steering wheel - which was diagnosed as Steering Gear Problem. Dealer said its OK to drive it like that. But it is extremely annoying. I have only 60,000 miles on the car - but GM is not recalling the Steering Gear problem as a manufacturing defect.

Did anyone else have the same problem?

Other than this the car is Great.

16th Feb 2005, 01:23

I like my 2002 Alero GLS. My car is a 'work horse' in that I drive it 80mi/day. This car is VERY comfortable and very powerful. Although the 3.4L V6 isn't 'up to par' with it's competitors in HP, the Alero has a high 'torque curve' and thus uses every ounce of energy it outputs. My 2002 Alero GLS currently has 45,000mi. I bought it new. I've noticed in my research that almost all complaints about the Alero originate in Canada. Perhaps these Canadian Aleros are built to different specs? It's too cold up there for them? All I know is that I love my Oldsmobile and the Alero GLS is a great car for the money. What a tribute to have the last model of Oldsmobile made to be an Alero.

1st Mar 2005, 20:39

I have a 2001 Alero GLS and the car is great - except during the winter months, where in Western New York can last a long time! I bought it used 1 year ago and loved it, until the first snow fall. Unfortunately, I had no idea that low profile, sporty tires would result in poor driving capabilities. I drove (well, slid) down a busy street sideways... That was last year. This winter, I have gotten stuck in my driveway twice and had to get shoved out of my parking lot at work. I love this car in the summer, spring and fall, but not in the winter. Anyone else experience this as well?

4th Sep 2005, 20:46

I own a 2002 Alero GLS. I bought it used and have found many problems with it for the six months I've had it. First, I had to get a new driver side window regulator. Secondly, my dash is warping and it appears wavy to the eye. Thirdly, I found a problem with my steering. I took it to the mechanic and he diagnosed that I need a new power steering rack. As for all the other comments, I've realized that most of them seem very similar. An Alero is a very nice car. The 3.4 v-6 has the power you need. It handles very well around turns at high speed. And I get about 22 miles to the gallon.

27th Dec 2006, 19:51

Regarding the comment about the Canadian Alero owners. I am from Canada and my Alero was made in Lansing MI. I don't think they were ever made up here. Just some input.