6th Jun 2003, 15:00

I have a 2000 Alero too and have a grinding or clunking type noise that started just when you turn and got worse until it happened driving straight and/or turning. Had it looked at and they replaced all brakes and rotors and thought was fine, then happened a week later so they lubricated the struts and thought that would fix it (of course we know it wouldn't), so I just brought it back and they found out the clunking noise is the upper strut mounts are bad and need to be replaced. Luckily all of this happened within a couple days after getting the car and so the dealer is paying every penny of this. But I love the car and its fast engine and hate to get rid of it, but fear more problems will arise.

19th Aug 2003, 07:09

I have a 2000 gls as well. I just bought the lease out today. I had to get it safetied as well. Its got 55k on it. Never touched the brakes until yesterday, had to change the rotors and pads. Pads and rotors on the back are still okay. I did have the replace the strut mounts though. However, the warranty expired two weeks ago. After a serious amount of bitching they agreed to do it under warranty even though I was over 3 years. I have heard plenty of stories about having to frequently replace the brakes on this car, sounds like an engineering flaw.

25th Aug 2003, 11:30

8/25/03...12:56PM I am orig owner of 2000 Alero/GL2 & have had too many problems (current mileage 31,600K) ; Brakes/rotors replaced 3x..window replaced due too bad roller mech/scratch; battery replaced @6500 miles; replaced a/c HVAC unit. Luckily I had extended GM warranty when orig warranty ran-out.. TODAY, I have another PROBLEM, the leather on the dashboard is 'bubbling' and 'pulling away' from foam beneath the leather... The dealer informed me that my extended warranty DOES NOT cover this problem. The dealer is contacting the GM District for out-of-warranty approval to repair,(should know by 8/28/03). VERY SOON going back to buying a HONDA... This OLDS is a PIECE of JUNK.

21st Jun 2005, 17:15

I am original owner of 00 Alero. This car has treated me pretty good other than the brake problem,which seems to be occurring in most GM sedans. I have also replaced 3 front wheel bearings, but I now have 168 000 km.I'd buy another.