24th Jul 2008, 15:35

I bought a 1999 Oldsmobile Alero four years ago with about 66,000 miles on it (I've put about 30,000 more on it). The car is great looking, and I had no problems with it for about a year. My windshield began bubbling and peeling, however, and it's so bad at this point that the airbag cover on the passenger side looks like it's about to pop off.

Other than the dashboard, both of my back windows broke, my driver's side window has broken twice and my passenger's side window is about to be replaced (it's making horrible noises). I've had problem with the ABS and engine lights coming on, I've had my rotors replaced and a few other things go wrong.

If it weren't for the windows and the dashboard, I'd love my car and be willing to put the money into keeping it nice. But it's just ridiculous that the dashboard MELTS and no one will fix it.

2nd Jun 2009, 06:09

I bought a 2003 Alero. It was great except for the last 2 years. I have not been able to keep water in it, and she over heats. I have replaced the water pump three times and the thermostat. I have had the engine torn apart to change the head and intake gaskets. Still no help. I do not know what to do with this car. I would never ever own another one. Anyone else have this type of problem?

6th Jul 2009, 09:25

I was looking at a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero the other day. I was considering buying it, the owner is going through a divorce and in the process of getting a new car.

I didn't see anything wrong with the interior of the car, in fact it looked brand new. I drove it and it rides smooth, but the front driver's side window didn't roll down, and the A/C was blasting out hot air. So I'm not sure what to do about this car. I think I'm going to wait after hearing all of these problems people have had!

16th Jul 2009, 20:39

We've had all those problems... but, have you had your horn go off in the middle of the night? Not just a toot, I mean a full blast full on not letting up! We were in a hotel and it went off 3 times during the night. Walk out and punch the wheel 3 times and it goes off. Good times...

3rd May 2011, 10:20

What a wonderful review. I can see that you're a big fan of GM, and that's totally cool - to each his own. I've driven an Alero for about 2 years, but got rid of it for an E46 325i (BMW).

It's surprising that you have had your timing belt changed... because neither of the 2.2l or 3.4l engines in the Alero use belts (only chains). To me, that takes any credibility right out of your post.

Enjoy your Alero, but don't change fictional parts too often - it'll cost you.



26th Dec 2013, 10:52

OMG! I have the same car and exactly the same problems as you. It's good to know I'm not losing my mind! Just because I'm a girl who knows about cars, they think they can talk circles around me!!! Did you fix some of the problems? I put in 2 brake lines and brake pads! Leaking coolant; put in water pump and timing chain because they are together! I call this car a death trap!!!