7th Mar 2006, 16:53

This stuff is hilarious. I have so many of the same problems everyone is having with the Alero. I hope everyday someone would steal my car and crash it. My trunk button does not work. My heater only works on high (same with the air conditioner). My cruise control button does not stick. All of my knobs on the radio have fallen off. One night I went to push in my hazard light and the whole button went into the dashboard. I have had to replace the brakes almost every year. There is a buzzing sound coming from the serpentine belt. The mechanic could not find anything wrong. Now I am having coolant leaking from some location I can't pinpoint. Sometimes when I'm driving the speedometer goes all of the way the right so I have no idea how fast I'm driving. I can take my key out of the ignition and all of my warning lights will stay on. I think this car will make me go insane one day. What sucks is I have always bought foreign cars and never had any problems. The Alero has has shown me the light again.

9th Mar 2006, 09:21

My 2000 Alero 6 cylinder (41,000 miles) has had the following issues: the entire instrument panel would blink on and off and the speedometer went nuts. After many trips to the dealer it was determined there was a water leak from the windshield that was entering the fuse box. Even though this was a known issue in 1999, they acted like it was a new issue. Two tires were defective. These items (thankfully were covered under warranty). In November of 2005 the check engine light came on (had to replace the plastic gasket that stops water from leaking into the engine). This was also a known issue (paid for by the extended warranty I purchased). The passenger seat does not hold the seat setting, unless you exert force comparable to head banging the windshield. Today, the car needs an actuator for the trunk release $213.00 plus $83 for labor. I love this car when it runs, but GMC has convinced me to return to a foreign make auto before I reach 60,000 miles on the Alero.

5th Jun 2006, 17:25

This is so funny! I came across this site while trying to figure out a warning light that has come on most recently. The service vehicle came on once, but went off, the low tire pressure comes and goes as it pleases and now I recently got an oil change and had to replace the fuel pump, but the service engine light is on. Now there is a warning light with a funny red box with a low level arrow. Low level what??? A warning light should be warning me of something that I can recognize. I also replaced the auto window motor after it to broke while down and 45 degrees outside with snow. And the hazard switch broke into the dash. The "leather" on the dash is peeling back too. The car looks good, but not as good on how it runs. I still owe so much more than it is worth too so that I am stuck with it, hopefully until it is stolen and taken to Mexico.