20th Sep 2007, 15:12

Similar problems as on this list. This was my first car, so part of me still loves it for that reason, but I'm sick of the problems with it - my mom calls it a lemon.

2000 Alero sedan, 6cyl, purchased in 2003 with 26K miles. Currently at 82K.

Refused to purchase car until dealership fixed broken air box/fan and non-functional cruise control.

Since then:

* Trunk latch release lever in driver's side door broke and fouled up mechanism for power window in driver's door. Had to pull up window by hand after going through a toll booth. $100 for new power relay for window.

* Had much of front end replaced following accident - new battery, headlights, hood, tubes, air box, etc (bad rear-ending, but getting all this replaced from the accident may have saved me some trouble later, in a way).

* Replaced all brake rotors and pads at 50K for $1000 after getting violent shaking of the car when braking, especially exiting controlled-access highways. The insurance company refused to honor the $1000 service contract I had bought and I had to pay for it myself.

* At 60K, replaced burned out vent resistor which controls fan speeds for $100.

* At 76K, replaced front wheel bearings for $600.

* At 80K, replaced water pump in coolant system after having to refill reservoir 3 times in 4 days. Luckily, NOT the head gasket, so was only $300.

* "Passlock" security system is a complete waste - when "functioning properly," car occasionally will not start, and I am locked out of my ignition. Only way to fix this is to sit with key turned to "on" for 10 minutes - not helpful in emergencies or when running late. The remainder of the time, the "security" light is lit on the dash all the time, but car starts with no problem. I refuse to get this checked, and any future car I will demand that it be removed/disabled before I purchase the car.

* Once had "Check engine" light come on, but it turned itself off by the end of the trip, and hasn't been a problem since.

* Power side-view mirror motor for driver's side non-functional.

* Rear window defroster non-functional at 65K (left unfixed even though I live in New England; I have an ice scraper.)

* Intermittent signals/hazards. Usually can finagle them to work by pounding on the hazard switch, but it's been getting steadily worse over the past year+. I finally am going to have to take it in.

* Periodically, the alarm will refuse to function, but it always fixes itself - plus, I think this was an after-market addition, so it has little to do with the car itself.

20th Dec 2007, 18:41

We have owned a 200 Alero since new and have had few problems with it. Overall the car has performed well. It now has 109,000 miles and we have a surge when cruising, checking with my mechanic this week. The cruise gave us problems and replaced the servo with a used one has worked better, but will have to put new in soon. The manifold gasket was replaced by the dealer at 62,000 miles at $6oo.oo, should have been a warranty issue. The fuel pump was replaced at 102,000 with the cruise work. Hoping to get another year or so. Have always been GM and have had very good luck, sorry to hear of all the problems, but all the manufacturers have bad product.

31st Jan 2008, 10:56

Wow.. I wish I had seen this page a long time ago. I just got off the phone to see if I qualify for any open recalls on my 2000 Alero. My car did not fall into the VIN numbers that qualified. Go figure...

I have the blinker problem and have had it for a while. Thought it was an electrical problem. Can't run the radio because the blinkers don't work. You get in the car and OOOh do I have blinkers today. Or am I going to be PO -ing drivers today.

Also the car has front wheel bearings problem. Rough ride, but you get used to it. Just like all the lights on the dash board.

I love my car, but it's about time. I called a 1-800 number from another website and the guy was nice, but didn't tell me anything I wanted to here. Basically told me to take it to the dealer and get it fixed. Have them try to get OlDS to pay for it. If not, I'm stuck with the bill. He then gave me an address to the nearest dealer. The place went out of business about five years ago. I know this because my father worked there and got me my great deal on my car. Haha

14th Feb 2008, 01:11

I purchased a 2000 Oldsmobile Alero, 4 cylinder.

My front brakes, drums and back brakes needed to be replaced.

Recently, my car was overheating. My mechanic charged me $600 to replace the water pump, and of course, the ceiling light continues to fall out...

Other than that, I had to replace the battery 2 times.

My car, my baby, has always been there for me. My opinion; I will buy an Alero again...

7th Oct 2008, 15:43

I have a four door 2000 V6 Olds Alero. This was my very first car, and it has 92,000 miles on it, and everyone of them I put on.

* The cruise control stopped working around '05

* The computer chip needed to be replaced around '03

* The overhead light keeps falling out, and just needs snapped back into place

* Spring of '07, started seeing some problems with overheating. Took it to get a new intake gasket for $600 bucks

* Spring of '08, started seeing the overheating issues come back. A guy replaced the water pump for 150 bucks

* Here we are in Fall of '08 and looking to get rid of it. It needs ANOTHER intake gasket and I just frankly don't want to put the money into it anymore

I love the car... It's been very good to me... and I have not been so good to it.

Thank you Oldsmobile... I truly can say I did get my money's worth for my very first car.

25th Feb 2009, 09:45

Hi everyone, just looking at these sites and wondering if I should have bought my vehicle. Check engine light constantly on. I have to replace a injector pin, which will be $600 dollars or maybe more.

2nd May 2009, 14:44

I've experienced several of the same issues, and to those of you writing that the car is great, you just need to keep up on the maintenance, that's COMPLETELY WRONG. I've had my car for about a year, with 120,000 and have done nothing but baby the car. Every time something goes wrong, I fix it completely. the problem, is that these things Shouldn't BE GOING WRONG.

I've replaced the head gasket, timing chain, wheel bearings, 3 tires, fuel pump, fuel filter.. and the latest problem? The car randomly shuts off... AS I'M DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD. It's insane, it's dangerous, it's ridiculous. I'm so sick of this car and the dealership that sold it to me. I don't know why it shuts off, but its horrible and embarrassing.