9th Dec 2006, 20:24

I own a 2001 Olds Alero, 2.4 litre. The vehicle engine wise has been fine (apart from a power steering pump) ; it has received regular oil and filter changes, but not much else. I have owned it since new (July 2001)

However, with only 83000km, the vehicle is now on it's 3rd set of from brake pads and second set of rotors. I also have the scratched windows and a cd player with no finish left on the buttons, but the kicker is the front bearings now need replacing.

I only buy GM product because I have access to cheap parts, good job in this case.

23rd Dec 2006, 10:51

We own a 1999 Alero, I can't say that we have had many problems, the ones we have had have been consistent with other complaints read about the car.

1) Driver's side window no longer working

2) Having to replace rotors AND

3) Wheel Bearing and Hub replacement (our newest dilemna)

After researching pricing on the internet this combo seems to be in the $90-$120 range. My husband can put a computer together quicker than you can say 1999 Oldsmobile Alero, unfortunately putting an Alero together not so easy for him. We got two quotes so far the first wanting to charge $255 for the wheel bearing and hub and then $68 for the labor. The second estimate a $400 flat fee for both, hmm not good for us.

I guess I can't complain much the car is almost 10 years old and is still going, just wish I could say I knew how to repair a car so that I could get past the inflated parts price and eliminate the labor rate all together.

For the gentleman that would rather drive his Alero than his Beemer or Benz, I'll trade you mine for one of your hideous German cars...I'd love to take one off of your hands. :o)

28th Dec 2006, 17:02

I purchased my 2001 Olds Alero from the showroom floor and now I don't feel like such an idiot. I have twice had to replace the rotors, brake pads and once the calipers. Bad thing is I know another one is around the corner. Not sure why it has so many brake problems, but at least now I know I am not the only one. I think my power steering pump just went out last week, but haven't explored it too much. I purchased the 75K/5 year warranty and am sure glad I did. Engine needed to be replaced at 56K because an oil seal blow and within a couple miles the engine seized. Idiot light should really indicate a major leak like that. Overall I can't complain too much. Oh except for the fuel pump that went out about 3 or 4 months ago. Since it was in the fuel tank I had to take that one in. It is a car and at least it isn't 1,000's ever time I take it in.