3rd Jun 2003, 14:32

Traction control light coming on when it is not suppose to is indication of computer problem. On this year there is a defective electrical design that lets the alternator damage the computers. I had a non GM mechanic diagnose and he had to drive the car with test equipment attached to find that the alternator was causing problems.

See my earlier posting. Document problems including getting your car warranty services records print out from GM dealer. GM has problem that they have not solved. I have posted two sites to report the problems. If everyone that has or is having the problems reports to the Gov. web site, they can force a recall to actually get a fix since these involve safety issues. I am on 3rd alternator in about 20,000 miles 3rd main computer and dealer just called and said the replacement they just put in is defective.

The car only has 70,000 miles.

I am trying to build data base of those having problems, please e-mail me at donnapaca@aol.com.

24th Aug 2003, 16:12

I like my 1995 olds aurora, but within 6 months I have had to replace the radiator tank, found out that the "EGR" valve needs replacing and now my transmission is going bad. I was told that I needed to have the B-shift solenoid replaced, whatever that is. The car also has an oil leak which was a problem that I knew nothing of until after I had already bought the car, and I still have water leaking somewhere.

The car is pretty and has a great engine, but so expensive to maintain. Oh, did I mention that I spent almost 400.00 getting spark plugs and wires replaced? This was actually a discount, since the original quote was 500.00!

25th May 2004, 14:07

My 95 aurora is a wonderful car, so I thought. It costs so much to get it fixed. It costs 1300 just to fix the motor mounts. My seat belts in the back don't work anymore. This car looks good, but is a pain in the butt to fix. Overall it's not worth all the money that you have to put into the car.

2nd Jun 2004, 13:01

My Traction Control light comes on and off on it's own and I just paid 600 dollars for an air compressor, but my air still doesn't work in my 95 aurora!! Can anyone help me???

22nd Jun 2004, 20:09

I have a 97 Aurora with 93,000 miles and have had none of the problems listed above. I think with any vehicle a select few will have problems, I guess.

I'm having a small problem right now with the suspension on the front left of the car, but we do a lot of driving on country roads, etc., so I'm not necessarily surprised (but was googling for which part I needed to replace and found your website...).

All in all, I think this car is awesome. All our systems are up and running perfectly, and all with little maintenance other than my changing the oil and filters, etc.

If I had *any* complaint, it would be that gas prices are so darn high that it costs a bunch to fill the tank. But that's a small price to pay.

Our Aurora rocks. :)

Well, it will again after I replace that bushing or whatever the problem is... ;)

13th Jul 2004, 22:35

I just got back from watching my 96 Olds Aurora burn up on the side of the road. This is not a joke, I had a bogging effect in the acceleration and I watched my fuel gauge move from 3/4 of a tank to empty. I pulled over and opened the hood, smoke was pouring out of the car and I called 911. The fire dept. came and the electrical system was going nuts, so I watched them smash my windows to get in to the car, take an axe to the hood and completely destroy the car. I did not even know about any recall and someone stopped by and gave me the info. How do I proceed and find out if my car is included? I would appreciate any responses. dtanis@earthlink.net.

16th Jul 2004, 13:15

I just purchased a used 96 olds aurora in clean, 125,000 mile condition. It sure has a lot of power and more options than I am used to. I bought it knowing it had an oil leak and that the traction control light stays on. What are some solutions to the lite?

I understand it costs $1000 to fix the oil leak. Where would the oil be coming from? Do you know more specifics about what is leaking and why? thanks for your reply.

By the way, the luxury features are worth some of the things I have read above. Andy.

30th Jul 2004, 18:57

I own two 95 Auroras. One has just under 86k and the other has 196k. Both have been GREAT cars. If I really have a complaint it would be the seat belt issue which has been re-called and the sensor in the trans which is a $28 part and a $1400 labor cost to fix. Other than that, the car with 196k needs motor mounts and a ECM unit (the brain) and I am trying to decide if I am going to fix it? I really love the car, but it is worth more as parts then complete. If anyone knows where I can find the motor mounts I would buy them and install myself. Can someone help me find the stinking parts?? (other than the dealer) I would hate to retire the car when it still runs so good! Email at magfam@pacifier.com


Steve Magnolia.

15th Nov 2005, 12:48

What a bummer, all the complaints above I had also with my '95 Aurora. At an ODO of 93K I finally traded it in for $2000 bucks. Friend of mine who is a mechanic told me to get rid of it before it hits the 100K - the engine starts to fail after that pretty soon.

The oil leaking issue seem to be a chronically one, I thought I was the only one. My Aurora used almost as much oil as it did on gas! Not to mention all the stains every morning in the drive way. What a mess!

Traction control light on, well, I've been there. My light went on after I went out to get my engine washed (oil was all over that poor thing) when suddenly the light went on - forever! The dealer said it was a short on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) inside the Traction Control/ABS Module. The connector wasn't sealing well and water protruded into the module. A new module was going to cost over $1,000. What do you think? Absolutely right, I was driving around with no traction control and simply over taped the darn light with black electrical tape. If you don't know it, you don't see it - certainly the used car dealer did not see it (humor, humor).

There are many other things that went wrong, too long to list them all.

Well, now I'm driving a 2000 Toyota 4Runner Limited. What a great SUV! This must have been a safe choice after reading all the good comments on this great site regarding Toyota in general.

Final verdict (mine at least) : Get rid of the Aurora! For some good reasons GM got rid of the entire OLDS line, so why would I stick to a loser? Even if I wouldn't care about money, reliability of this car stinks! You never know on which lonely highway you'll camp next!

Have a good one and see you all at the next Toyota dealer :o)