1st Aug 2003, 09:15

I purchased a new 1995 Olds Aurora and have been driving it virtually every day for the past eight years. I have driven it approx. 71K miles. Most of the repairs (which were relatively few) were performed during the first three to five years I owned the car and were covered under the warranty. This is definitely the best overall car I have ever owned in terms of reliability, comfort, handling and power. The engine (V8) is superb. Mileage averages about 23 mpg on the road. I did have a problem with the "Service Engine" light staying on. It started coming on and staying on around 60K miles. I put a bottle of STP Gas Treatment in about 2-3 successive tanks of gas and the light went off. It has never come on again and the performance of the car is as good as it has ever been. My only other negative is the difficulty in backing this car. I love the look, but it's rear end design makes visibility and backing difficult.

Mike Moulton.

26th Jan 2004, 11:44

I had a problem with the VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and it caused the Engine light to come on and trans problems. It would have cost over $700 dollar to fix. But I fixed it my self for $30. I went to the library and got a GM Shop manual, found a wiring Diagram to locate and find the speed sensor. Normally you would have to remove the trans and engine for easy access, but I did not have the time. So I put up with the tight spaces. If you can find a lift I would go with this, but if not ramps will do. Used a small mirror and flash light to see the sensor located under the car under the right side of the engine, inside the top of the trans housing. (It's a tight squeeze) remove the back side trans mount for better access (three screws). Twist to get lose and pull up after disconnecting the connection wires. put the new on in! That's it. Oh, Advanced Auto parts has the sensor on there website for $15 bucks. Hope this saves you guys some money! O.J.